Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Morning Edition - 8/22/06

Fantasia Barino; Adversity to Adulation
Lifetime, the network created primarily for women – and apparently for those of us with a somewhat sensitive side – aired Life Is Not a Fairytale; The Fantasia Barino story. The two-hour mini-movie recounts the life of the 2004 American Idol and her rise from single-momma-rape-victim to America’s unlikely idol. The story is heart wrenching and gives an incredible ending to a very sad story. I couldn’t help but wonder what happens if you don’t have Fantasia’s talent and can’t get out of the hell she endured. If we’re celebrating the escape from the abysmal ghetto that imprisons so many young women in America, the story is one of redemption, but if we look at the real-life statistics of how many fair as well as Fantasia, we realize that live really is not a fairy tale.

Even When I Come Away From it; there’s Prayer
I was raised in the church with dad as the Rev. and mom as the first lady. As much as my life has come away from many of the teachings that were ingrained in my soul, the Lord has never been too far. Time and again, he’s proven very real in my life. There are still times when I look at my life and wonder what the Lord has in store for me. I sincerely believe I have not touched on my true purpose and maybe when I stop fighting his will, he’ll reveal it to me. That aside, I’m going to ask you to join me in prayer. I’m not endorsing my religion or any specific God, but I ask for your prayers for a couple of friends of mine who are being tested today. One is facing surgery and my prayer is that the Lord will be the head surgeon in charge. The other is facing the heart shattering effects of a broken heart. I pray the Lord uses his skills at piecing lives together. Join me in prayer. We may not be perfect, but he hears. He hears. Ladies, trust you’re in his hands.

On Blast
If your life had a theme song or soundtrack, what would it be? Why?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Tammy said...

Well, with me not having a permanent position in a year and some months my theme song is Diana Ross's record, "Do You Know Where You're Going To...

Anonymous said...

"No more tears do we cry and we have finally dried our eyes and we're movin' on up (movin' on up)Lawd have mercy We're movin' on up (movin' on up)" by the Impressions. My girlfriend Tracy told me to stop crying and make that money so I dealt w/ bridezilla this past weekend and made that money in hopes that my business will continue to prosper.


Anonymous said...

I would have to say my two favorite soundtracks are Waiting to Exhale and Love Jones.

Jeanine said...

The first song on the soundtrack to my life would have to be "I Won't Complain" by Paul Jones.

I've had some good days
I've had some hills to climb
I've had some weary days
And some sleepless nights

But when I look around
And I think things over
All of my good days
Outweigh my bad days
I won't complain

Sometimes the clouds are low
I can hardly see the road
I ask a question, Lord
Lord, why so much pain?
But he knows what's best for me
Although my weary eyes
They can't see
So I'll just say thank you Lord
I won't complain

The Lord
Has been so good to me
He's been good to me
More than this old world or you could ever be
He's been so good
To me

caspar608 said...

My theme song would be.....

Audioslave "SHow Me How To Live"

I am praying for your friends as i type this. God is closer to us than we think. It is our behavior, our humanity, that makes it difficult for us to feel his presence in us. I pray for the afflicted, the broken hearted, the withs and the withouts, the motherless, the fatherless, those who are deep in the darkness of their own self deception, the disenfrachised, the abused, the victims and the perpetrators, I pray for my family that we can weather the storms of a single parent household. I pray for each and every one of you that recognize your divinity and cleave to the One who made you in good times and bad. IN JEsus precious name. AMen.

Cocoa Rican said...

My life soundtrack would consist of:

Track 1: Stranger in my house (Tamia)
Lately, I don’t know who they are and I don’t know myself when I’m with them…. LOL

Track 2: Always Be My Baby (Mariah Carey)
Who gives a shyt how my life has ended up, they’ll always be in my heart

Track 3: Bossy (Kalis)
People are talking… I really didn’t think I was

Track 4: Old Friend (Phyllis Hyman)
It’s just me and rips and my soul strings…

Track 5: I Need You Now (Smokie Norful)
To be such a heathen, I’m constantly calling on him to keep me

Track 6: If I Ain’t Got You (Alicia Keys)
I’m Puerto Rican dammit… there has to be heart-wrenching drama

Track 7: P.S. I Love You (Bette Midler; For the Boys)
Like I said… I’m Puerto Rican and have to have fire

Track 8: If Only You Knew (Patti LaBelle)
I have a shell of steel, but if they knew…

Track 9: Hurricane (Eric Benet)
Katrina ain’t got shyt on the ones that have assaulted my life…

Track 10: I Remember You (Bette Midler, For the Boys)
No matter what happens… I remember you

I know… it’s a long soundtrack… LOL, but it’s an eventful movie, uh… I mean, life.

And Jeanine... that's one of my favorites girl... I carry on to that song... LAWD HAVE MERCY!!! I'm gonna have to run around my desk 4 times....

Anonymous said...

The first song on my soundtrack would have to be "Me Time" by Heather Headley.

need some me time
Not some you and some I
Just some me time, oh—
I need some she time
Not some him and some her
Just some free time, oh—
I wanna run with my girls
Hit the club, hit the mall
Get my nails and hair done
Spend a day at the spa
Boy you ain't gotta worry
There ain't nothin' goin' on
I need some me time
That's all, and that's all

Just Me said...

My life song would be "I never procised you a rose garden." or Maybe "Twist and shout" or better yet Every which way but loose.

Just Me said...

"I never promised you a ROSE garden" or "Every which way but loose" or even "Clowd nine", but not too long there....

Anonymous said...

Caspar608, I thing your song should be "We need you" by Jill Scott.

caspar608 said...

anonymous babyyyyyy

why should my song be "we Need You" or rather "The Fact Is (I Need You"). Do tell. : )

caspar608 said...

because if its for the reason I think your thinking it is, I wouldn't need him unless I wanted to be dead broke, frustrated and overworked, underpaid and overwhelmed. I need him like I need a a size 7 shoe, when I am an 11. I need him like the gulf coast needs another category 5 hurricane so the levees can break - again, I need him like the Koreans need nuclear testing and a serial killer needs a set of ginsu knives. I need God. Thats all I need.

caspar608 said...

And Cocoa, the next time you refer to me as "this bitch" when you pick up the phone to see who it is, only to hang up on me, make sure you know I am not on the phone to hear you refer to me as "this bitch". Bitch.

27 years for such references? You should be dipped in hot crisco and rolled in thumb tacks.


Anonymous said...

Caspar608 I know you may not need him, but you can not speak for your kids. My mother wanted me to feel the same way, and now that i'am grown i know better. being a father is not all about how much money you can give. I wanted my father to be home just so i could talk to him, watch him, interact with him and for him to help me understand life as a man, through his eyes, Not my mothers. So you can hate him everyday of your life but just remember that, that is the man that god choose for you to have your babies with, which are your "soul mates" as you would say.

caspar608 said...

First, since you aren't going to have the courage to let us know who you are, I will start off by stating you should definitely take your advice and bring it to your mother. Not me. I didn't hate your father, I didn't know him so I cannot tell if your mother kept him from you out of spite or if he was a lowlife scumbag.
With that being said, understand that everyone has their own story.
God did not "choose" my babies Daddy for me. I chose him. It was my choice to have sex, the sex was good and it produced beautiful human beings. Since the human beings grew inside of me, I can assure you they received all of their good traits from me. The Bible forbids fornication, no? My decision to disobey God came with consequences. Yet, the heavenly Father I believe in forgave my transgressions time and time again. I saw my babies Daddy for who he was....I could go on for DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS about some of the shit he pulled. By why bother? If you truly believe that I hate him, thats your choice. The way I feel about that man is nothing short of grief. He was and I am sure still is a LIAR, A THIEF (yes, he stole from me and his children)a con artist, a pedophile (yes, I came to find out he was fucking 15 YEAR OLDS - while in his 30's)and a real piece of work basically. Who the fuck are you to tell me how I should handle my business. It took a while to fall completely out of love with the father of my children, and when I did, it was easier for me to make better decisions for my children. Perhaps you would have preferred watching your Dad....thats your choice. But I prefer that if my children follow the example of someoen, it will be someone who is employes and if he not employed he is doing something positive with himself for the benefit of everyone around him. Yes, it goes even deeper than that....but some people would rather have SOMETHING than NOTHING. What good is having SOMETHING if it is not doing anything for you? The fucker had the audacity to use my computer to all 13 of his girlfriends while I was out, busting my ass to help him? Or lying about who I am, where I am and where his children are to preserve a relationship with a college student - and sacrificed the well-being of his children in the process. Dude is an asshole and a bad influence. PERIOD. Let the chips fall where they may, eventually his ass will be picking up garbage on the side of the rode with the rest of the deadbeat Dads - dick in hand - sporting a day-glo vest.
In the meantime, yes, my children are my soul mates. We do not need his lecherous ass and the next time you try to tell someoen they are making a mistake, know all of the circumstances.
Have a nice day.

caspar608 said...

any questions anyone?