Friday, January 26, 2007

Morning Edition - 1/26/07

Say It Isn’t So; Noah’s Arc Cancelled
Clay Cane, a fellow blogger and actual reporter for various mainstream publications and websites, interviewed a Logo spokesperson who confirmed that Noah’s Arc has not been renewed for a third season. The executive goes on to mention that the channel is in “talks” to have a movie about the all-black gay series done and on the market by 2008. By all indications – including the exec at Logo – Noah’s Arc is Logo’s most watched and supported show. Patrik Ian Polk did not cancel the show, so the decision to cancel the first black gay series on television appears to be Logo. To say that I’m disappointed is an understatement. Since Logo is a fledgling network, I just assumed that they would keep their most viewed show on the air – wrong! I guess being known as the gay network with the highest rated show being about black gay men was just a little more diversity than the channel could deal with. Logo viewers can now look forward to reruns of Queer as Folk and a host of other – almost exclusively white – gay men from around the globe. I guess you can say that white men from around the globe still trump black men from around the way, even when the viewers are American men – many of whom are men of color.

Sign a petition to send LOGO the message about how we feel about Noah's Arc by going here

Am I A Marsupial?
Kangaroos are marsupials – animals that have small pouches to allow their young to develop after their actual birth. This morning, the nine degree temperature and below zero wind chills in NYC made me ask if I was a marsupial. If you’re one of those beautiful people who haven’t quite gotten the moral of this story yet, my testes appeared to recede into my body during my 20-minute wait at the bus stop this morning. As I now sit in my toasty office and await my left nut to emerge, I brace myself for a frigid weekend. Per the weather service, today is the coldest day for NYC in two years.

Sell-A-Bit Update
With temperatures plummeting, it has become more apparent that I’m not actively doing the bump-and-grind. This weekend is the last weekend of freedom and possibility before my parents arrive in New York City. As many of you know, my parents normally stay with me and the momentous event is filled with love and prescribed medication. Yes, I will keep my blog family posted on the happenings in the Cocoa clan. In addition, my boi Philippe is visiting NYC from Chicago next weekend…Fluff, you’ll experience a scene out of Meet the Parents. This weekend, I will tidy up, put away the unmentionables and try to continue my foray into being celibate – I think.

On Blast
We’ve discussed this a few times around these parts… I love song lyrics. Last night Glitter was on VH1 – yes, I know I’m the only person who owns a copy of Mariah Carey’s Glitter – and I watched straight through to the 1 a.m. end. The lyrics to most of the songs on the Glitter soundtrack are beautiful. Most striking for me is the song, Reflections (Care Enough). What song from a motion picture strikes an emotional chord that resounds through your soul?

Keep passin’ the open windows….


Anonymous said...

umm...i have a couple.
1. And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going - Dreamgirls
2. You've Got A Friend In Me - Toy Story
3. Hakuna Matata - Lion King
And I know you didn't ask about TV, but is it just me, or did the music for Noah's Arc Season 2 get SOOOO much better. I think a lot of the music from Season 2 was very appropriate and I loved it all...I'm gonna miss Noah..and Alex, and Ricky and Chance..::tear::

caspar608 said...

it happened to In Living Color
when folks want to control your art, and you resist, your show gets canceled.
I felt like those boys were my friends. I am devastated.

coy said...

I also own a copy of Glitter! and I saw it that night too. Woop!

I was interested to see how the 3rd season would pan out. I really didn't care for it the first season, the characters were pretty one dimensional but were more fleshed out for the 2nd season. Will definitely miss Wade...and Trey. lol