Friday, January 19, 2007

Weekend Edition - 1/19-21/07

Time For A Beat Down
For years the debate on whether spanking children is a good idea or not has been tossed around. Most would agree that blatant child abuse needs to be stopped, but is spanking as a form of punishment, actually abuse? Assemblywoman Sally Lieber of California believes it is and she is working toward having a law passed that would make spanking any child under three years of age a misdemeanor in California, punishable by one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. Other legislators are asking where the line should be drawn on the involvement of government in the private affairs of families, while some are praising this new initiative as necessary, saying that adults are protected from being hit by other adults and it makes sense that children should be protected by similar laws. Some child psychologists argue that children under 18 months do not understand why they’re being spanked. One person said the proposed legislation is similar to requiring parents to read to their children 30 minutes per day.

Ladies, Sometimes You Make It So Easy
Have you ever heard a man say, “She was thinking with her fallopian tubes”? No, you probably haven’t and yet I consistently hear statements like, “He was thinking with his penis,” or “She was throwing herself at him, so what could he do?” For the record, a woman’s fallopian tubes have about as much control over her behavior as a man’s penis has in controlling his. It appears that history and conditioning have led women to believe that men cannot control their behavior when faced with an easy lay. By taking this approach, women have given men the easiest way out. Women appear to place the bulk of the blame on the other woman, rather than hold the man they are in a relationship with, accountable for his actions. This line of thinking also helps in the forgiveness process, since many women continue relationships with unfaithful men because – you got it – “A man is a man…” For the record, a man is a man, is as reasonable an explanation for cheating as a woman is a woman. It’s ridiculous. A man that has respect for himself, his partner and his relationship does not engage a woman simply because she offers easy booty – PERIOD. So ladies, if you’re going to accept your cheating man in your life, at least have enough respect and dignity for yourself and call it what it is… your choice to allow your man to disrespect you. To mention any gender related reasons for why you accept your man’s infidelities makes you look like a moron.

Two Months and Counting; Baby It’s Cold Outside
I have three dates lined-up for this weekend, but I am still enjoying that self-imposed celibacy policy. It seems the longer I hold-out on having sex, the more competitive I feel with myself to extend the period longer. This weekend I’ve scheduled a movie with Mr. Goodbar, dinner with Professor Aaliyah and an up-in-the-air exchange with Councilman HD. Yes, oh-pretty-ones, we had to give each of the potential exes a name in the event that I need to update you on what happens with these wonderful guys. For the record, each of them is so distinctly different, that there’s no way to really compare the three. Please keep your fingers crossed and I’ll keep my legs crossed as I explore gay-dating without sex. Ewww…

On Blast
Women: Have you ever given your man a permission slip for his cheating by placing the blame on the woman he cheats with? Do you still hold the belief that men-can’t-help-themselves today?

Gay Men: Have you ever fallen victim to the straight mentality that as men we can’t help but be infidels?

Str8 Men: Do you find yourself allowing your girlfriend/wife to continue with the penis-as-ruler theory to protect you in the event of a misstep?

Keep passin’ the open windows….


Tammy said...

i've had two men (that i know of) who cheated on me...and i left the relationship as soon as i found out. i dont care what excuse he tries to use, he did it. i refuse to spend my time with a cheater...i am too fine and intelligent to waste myself in a relationship where the man feels he can swing that thang around wherever he wants to and still remain my man. nope, aint gonna happen. as far as blaming the other woman...that is ridiculous, hell i neva even knew who she or they were.

Anonymous said...

No, I have never fallen into that menatlity...that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard, but unfortunately, that is the mentality that has taken over men and women today. Good luck on your dates...I think I like Mr. Goodbar.(lol)...Oh yeah, parents should be able to whoop that ASS! There should be now debate about it!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. It is possible to find a man thats 100% u and only u..its very rare though and i agree with the notion, what u wont do, the next perosn to. SO u must at least attempt to make a situation happy. But then WE allow ppl to do things to us cuz ppl do what they know they can get away it. Thats why I doin't give myself 100% to anybody

Anonymous said...

Hell no, I have never fallen into that mentality. Just ass you mentioned, that's just giving a man an excuse to cheat.

But, I have never had a man to cheat on me (to my knowledge). I think that it's because I let them think that I am a bit crazy and will whoop that ass if I found out.

Anonymous said...

I have never given a man a permission slip on his cheating (it happened once). You both were in the wrong no matter who started for doing it and she for adding to the crime in question lol

How were the dates?

caspar608 said...

Cocoa didn't get beat ENOUGH when we were youngins. Trust me... I was there.

Anonymous said...

Um, I wanna hear about the dates.