Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Morning Edition - 1/31/07

Your Worth
Maya Angelou once said, “
History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, however, if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” Sometimes folks don’t seem to understand that concept. Facing your life with courage means that you may be forced to make decisions that are not necessarily easy or may even break your heart. Living with courage means that you recognize that you MUST live with dignity; a dignity that allows you to proudly look at yourself in the mirror each day without feeling the need to avert your eyes. What I’m leading to is the “why” some men and women feel trapped into dealing with individuals that do not serve any positive purpose in their lives. Don’t ever confuse lustful attachment and bad habits with love. Here are some tips to follow if you are having trouble letting go:
** If your partner has no respect for your dreams, desires or interests – they’re not for you.
** If your partner has priorities that in no way appear to involve you – they’re not for you.
** If your partner has shown you disrespect by sleeping with people in your circle – family, friends, co-workers – they’re not for you.
** If your partner consistently fails to come through when you need them – be it emotionally and/or financially – they’re not for you.
** If your partner belittles you, verbally/physically abuses you – they’re not for you.
** If your partner cannot seem to see you through the eyes of their heart and is unable to recognize your love for them – they’re not for you.
** If you struggle to find the reasons why you are committed to someone that no one in your circle of life (family and close friends) appear to like – they’re not for you.

You see, before you can be in a committed loving relationship, you have to have TRUE love for yourself. No one ever died from being single – no one. However, many have died because they didn’t put themselves first. Your partner should not isolate you from your friends and family. Love means, I’m proud to share the person I care about with the world – not the overwhelming shame to be seen communicating with the person. True love doesn’t need to hide. True love doesn’t need to meet in shadows or avoid the eyes of onlookers.
In 2007, I want to recognize love when it arrives, but keep from confusing love with my want to have someone by my side. Evaluate your love; not for others, but for yourself. Know your worth. Here’s to true love.

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Hondo's Boy said...

Bravo. That was some deep @!@# right there. Thanks.

donya said...

Hector I am struggling with somethings right now and you pretty much said somethings that I needed to hear. I just have to continue the strength to act on it. Thank you


I luv when you and I have these deep conversation and you come up with such a share! I know my worth is as precious as an rare diamond. That is why I have chosen to be single. I needed to first learn to love myself before I can be bless with a man that will just compliment us both as a couple. I am still waiting for such a man but until then, I am in good company with a friend like you....

Kensilo said...

You gave me something to think about. Nice post.

Cocoa Rican said...

I’m worth:
1. A man that communicates with me openly; shares his dreams, hears mine and wants to work to make our dreams a collective reality.
2. A man that respects and loves me and trusts that I love him; the knowledge that our love is a priority.
3. A man that understands the value of being a trusted confidant and friend and how these qualities will help keep our relationship grounded.
4. A man that believes in growing together and can commit to extending that hand so we can always step forward – together
5. A man that puts the treasure that is a well-rounded personality over all things material; rich or poor there is no one that makes us happier.
6. A man that knows how to dream, laugh, be romantic and find ways to keep each other interested and the fires of passion burning for each other.
7. A man that sees the investment of our committed relationship and does everything in his power to nourish it and safeguard it.

life said...

Wise words my friend...never put anyone before yourself