Thursday, February 01, 2007

Morning Edition - 2/1/07

On Fours
by Cocoa Rican

If I could see what others saw
I’d probably be so much more
My heart, my talent all to waste
Taking life at a snails pace
Love, it meets me and says hi
I turn away, meek, so shy
Friends they grow and change with time
My wheels they spin, stuck deep in grime
The young they gain momentum, pass me by
Rather than pick up pace, I wither, die
My voice I’ll find, one day, I say
Until then my soul tatters and frays
Do it today, tomorrow’s not yours
Without the will, life kicks me, I’m on fours

On Blast
What are you putting off for the future that you know in your heart you should be doing today?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


That Dude Right There said...

I should be applying to Grad or Law school

donya said...

I should not have had children. It is 3:oo am and I just got finish cleaning up throw up off of two beds because one child is sick. Oh yeah I think the youngest one has pink eye so we will be heading to the doctors at 8am. Did I say it was three in the morning. I tell ya I love my babies but it is times like these where you are like Damn I made a mistake.

adam_ex2 said...


Girl, don't think that way. Think of how lucky you are to be given the opportunity to mold young lives. Lives that will serve to keep the wheels of history turning and, hopefully, make a better future. It's an opportunity that many of us will never have.

Most all of our mothers went through the same things. And I can honestly say that none of us would be anywhere without mothers. "Mommies" are truely the world's most prescious and overlooked resource.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Adam_ex2...Besides, Donya has beautiful children and she's a good mother.

On blast: I am putting off continuing my distance learning classes to gain my certification in Event's only an 18 month course and this is my 12th month...dame shame...and I am not close


Cocoa Rican said...

Off the top of my head, a few things come to mind:
1. Writing my own novel
2. Returning to school
3. Getting cosmetic work done

As an aside...gettin' the f*ck up outta New York... I'm fast losing my love for NY! In answer to Ms. Thing on VH1 - No, I don't have love for New York! :)

Leontyne's Child said...

WHOAH!! Now that was a question I needed to be asked. Thanks. I'm about to get on top of things.