Friday, February 02, 2007

Morning Edition - 2/2/07

Fluff Has Love For New York
My good buddy Philippe (sp) is headed for New York today. We will be chillin’ in the West Vill tonight and celebrating his weekend visit. Although Fluff and I have known of each other since our teenage years, we connected when I returned to New York in 2003. Close to two years ago he moved to Chicago, where he is pursuing his art career. I’m thinking he can showcase a piece for me this weekend….

My Fave Turns 48
My favorite cousin, Nancy, turns 48 this Sunday. The eternally young and beautiful cuz will be partying on Saturday when my sis Evelyn celebrates her 40th. Both Nancy and Evelyn celebrate birthdays the same day. Happy B-Day to both!

No Hard Feelings; I’m Just Not For the Okie-Doke
As I get older it becomes harder and harder to tolerate bullshit. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m aware that everyone – including me – spew some brown every now and again, but let’s keep it real. Give your friends and family some credit. When you step out there on faith and give someone a story or approach them regarding an issue, it stands to reason that you take their intellect into account. Basically, don’t make them feel that you consider them a moron; put some thought into that bullshit. Here are some pitfalls to avoid:
If your story starts with, “What [had] happened was…” Stop!! Evaluate whether you should even tell the story. You’re headed for certain disaster.
If you know the proposition you are about to make is so far-fetched and out-of-character for the person you’re going to run-it-by, consider pumping-your-brakes and keeping it to yourself.
If you feel in your heart that if the story you are about to tell would seem absurd if it were being told to you (true or not) you might want to keep that story to yourself.
If the damage is done and your story would appear to be a pitiful attempt to excuse the inexcusable, consider chalking up the disaster as a total lost to you.
If you are aware that what you are about to explain and apologize for is something you are likely to repeat or is part of your core make-up, check yourself and just drop the issue all together.
Now I realize these points may appear abrupt and to the point, but most assuredly they will help you maintain a semblance of respect and show you have a modicum of dignity about yourself.

Birthday Weekend In La Isla Del Encanto?
Last year my soul wifey and I spent my birthday weekend in Puerto Rico. It was a birthday to remember – even down to that last dramatic moment. This year, I’d like to try the birthday weekend in PR again and invite all my friends that would like to get away to join me. If you’d like to take an August shake-and-bake break, please feel free to begin your planning now. My objective is to bake during the day and shake it all night. Don’t count on getting much rest, but certainly look forward to celebrating life.

On Blast
So you’re not 18….but has there come a time when you wanted to do something fun or frivolous and were faced with your inner voice saying, “Now you know you’re too old for that!”? Do you believe your age or maturity ever inhibits what you do for fun?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

Yes age, maturity and parenthood has caused that little voice to speak to me for the past 17 years.


Darius T. Williams said...

A piece of art this weekend??? I love the way you use words.

Um, Shake and bake break sounds good - and I love to travel.

Coming Into Reality,

Dayne Avery said...

Explain the soul wifey. hmmmmmmmm

caspar608 said...

I would like to sign up for the trip to PR in August.
It will be my first trip on a plane.
What better way to fly than with my best friend for life?

caspar608 said...

Nancy looks just like Mama Millie!!!!!!

Cocoa Rican said...

The trip:
Col, et al my tight crew – we can probably chill at my parent’s crib…there’s also one other option and I’ll check on that for us.
Others…there are very lost cost hotels in downtown, El Condado, area. We would depart the mainland Thurs. and return Monday night after my birthday weekend. Basically, you’ll need to use three vacation days.

Dayne… my soul wifey Marcia is my heart-girl. She’s the woman I would’ve been goo-goo after if I was straight. She’s beautiful, strong, brilliant and sexy as hell. She’s a girly-girl who knows when it’s time to man-up and handle a situation. Shoot… if I ever lost my mind, she’s the baby’s mama. In short, if there’s an accident, I develop amnesia and have the gay jarred out of me, please introduce me to her again! LOL

On Blast…There are those moments when I feel like I’m old… but then I look around and realize that for a 37 year old man I’m not doing so bad….I work out regularly and keep a young heart. Outside of having a maturity that has turned me slightly conservative to some issues, I still believe in having a great time – at any age.

life said...

The BS portion of the post is oh so true!

Playboy Adonis said...

I am "only" 27....I remember when I used to say "I am only 18"....but anyhow....even with just 27 years under my belt, I already run into the things I can't do that I used to be able to do. I still feel young inside but the world sees as as an old fart already...

I recently started looking for another apartments and houses, and everywhere I go, the person showing me around always says, you have to be 18 to even try to live here and they make me prove to them that I am old enough....

Then I get hit with the reality thing again when I go somewhere and order wine or a beer and they don't even try to ask for id. Thats starting to suck...I used to hate when they ask for id now I feel bad if they don't...LOL

anyhow...I'm glad you all had fun at the bowling lanes and it seems like everyone is celebrating birthdays...Happy Birthday if I missed yours.....I'll look on your profile to see what your sign is...LOL

Playboy Adonis said...

you are hiding your birthday info...LOL...I'm gonna have to reread your posts...LOL...the truth is in there somewhere....LOL

Playboy Adonis said... its in August???? Still no clue on the number of years yet...LOL....but I guess that doesn't matter. (now that I'm getting older, age someone doesn't matter to me anymore...LOL) LOL sorry for all the laughing, its almost 3am and I feel high from no sleep and too much coffee.

Cocoa Rican said...

I'm 10 years your senior you see, time does march on and sometimes it marches right across your face... LOL