Monday, February 26, 2007

Morning Edition - 2/26/07

Oscar; Tears
Whether the emotion was pride, anger, frustration or happiness, the 79th Annual Academy Awards was a tear-jerker. With such a successful body of work, it seemed Eddie Murphy had the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor on lock. Unfortunately, my jaw hit the coffee table to hear Alan Arkin’s name announced for his part in Little Miss Sunshine. Murphy’s loss had taken the wind from my sails and I wasn’t so sure that Jennifer Hudson would secure her Best Supporting Actress award. As they announced her win, the weeks I spent feeling that she was undeserving of such a prestigious place in history melted away to pride and respect for her deserved Oscar win. Her last-minute thank-you to Jennifer Holliday even had me forgive the Battlestar Gallactica bolero jacket she wore over her Oscar de la Renta gown. Yes, I even take back the you-no-fashion-sense-havin’-fat-bitch comment I yelled when she walked on to the red carpet. Next up, the Best Song category had Dreamgirls holding-down three possibilities for a win for Listen, I love you I do and Patience. The cast took the stage and hollered over each other, even enlisting a church choir – robes and all. Hudson was even given parts from Listen to pitch-in on. Yes, I was sucking my teeth at the need to allow Hudson in on a song she took no part in in the film. Following their performances the award was handed to Melissa Etheridge for I Need to Wake Up; An Inconvenient Truth. The strange thing is, as much as I love two of the three Dreamgirls nominated songs, their performances left a lot to be desired and the award to Etheridge almost seemed justified. The highest award for male actors – Best Actor – was a category that held both Forest Whitaker for The Last King of Scotland and Will Smith for The Pursuit of Happyness. Quick shout-out here to say, Smith is aging so well and he remains as beautiful to me now as the young man who graced The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. That said, Smith would be left to wait for his moment in the spotlight as Whitaker was honored as this year’s Best Actor. As he held back tears, mine streamed down my face as he described his humble beginnings. The most inspiring moment was when he said, “It is possible for a kid from east Texas, raised in South Central L.A. in Carson, who believes in his dreams, commits himself to them with his heart, to touch them, and to have them happen.” Helen Mirren took home the trophy for Best Actress, beating out Meryl Streep and Penelope Cruz. I found myself on my feet as Martin Scorsese finally took home his Oscar for Best Director on The Departed. Scorsese has been nominated seven times prior to this win. Making Scorsese’s win even sweeter was The Departed’s win for Best Picture. In all, the 79th Annual Academy Awards represented the year we (minorities) were in control – as host, nominees and winners. It put us out there as talented, respected and most important, the norm.

Penelope Cruz - Versace
Best Dressed

Jennifer Hudson - Oscar de la Renta
Worst Dressed

Jennifer Lopez - empire Marchesa goddess gown
Honorable Mention; Always Flawless

On Blast
Penelope Cruz, in my opinion, was the best dressed female of the night at the 79th Annual Academy Awards. Who do you believe was the BEST and WORST dressed at the awards and why?

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adam_ex2 said...

Best dressed... I'd have to say that Penelope and Gwyneth both deserve props for their couture gowns. But then, the gown that Celine wore, to perform in, kind of let 'em have it.

Worst dressed... Meryl Streep, hands down!

Best and worst dressed men... They all looked the same to me. There's not a lot you can do with a tux, although I thought that Ben Affleck should've been wearing one.

ReddMann said...

I never noticed how big Penelope's nose was till last night.... it was HUUUUUUUUUUGE.

They both sung part of each other song... and in my opinion JHud finally made Beyonce sing Listen. Umm did you not miss when Beyonce sang part of Love You I Do?

Anonymous said...

Best Dressed - Gwyneth - she was breathtaking!!

Worst Dressed - Meryl, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman.

Side note: Jennifer Hudson is not a fashion diva and does not claim to be although I would suggest she go to Nordstorms and purchase a pair of $38.00 Spanx.

Cocoa Rican said...

Yeah Reddmann, I caught her doin' a piece of J-Hud's Love You I Do...but then again, I have to be honest and just say that I don't care for J-Hud's singing... besides, B is my girl and anything that takes her spotlight tends to rub me the wrong way. Penelope's does have a honker...let's just say she should at least receive endorsement deals from Fruit Loops following her Oscar stint. Yeah Anonymous, someone needed to let Cameron Diaz know that the fitting she did in December before binging, left her dress size 2 sizes too small. Oh... forgot to mention.. Dianne Keaton was hot in her outfit! What is her waist size 10"!?

Richard said...

Worst Dressed - Meryl's PTA hippie-mom look was absolutely atrocious!

Best Dressed - Helen Mirren. She brought sexy back with elegance and style!

Notes: The rest of the gowns were either partially good or just plain bad.

JLo's top half was pretty, but the bottom half made her look 9 months pregnant. Celine's green gown offset her radioactive Cheetos tan nicely, but the side flap above her waist seemed to gape awkwardly.
The design of Paltrow's gown was nice but the color reminded me of bloody sheets. Kidman's gown was a nice color but the "noose" at the neckline looked like she was gonna kill herself when Tom Cruise came out to present.

Don't Oppress Me said...

Forest Whitaker's acceptence speech was touching. Even though I haven't seen the movie, lol.

You know you ain't right for: no-fashion-sense-havin’-fat-bitch, lol! All she needs is a good gay to pull that shit right on together.

That Dude Right There said...

Best Dressed has to be Gwyneth Paltrow. That dress was fabulous and she wore it well.

Worst Dressed was Meryl Streep. Did she think that she was going to the Salem Witch trial or something?

And anything that takes away Jennifer Hudson's spotlight rubs ME the wrong way. So that dress rubbed me the wrong way. But you can't deny that the woman can SING!

WhozHe said...

I thought Ellen was wonderful all night long (and it was a long night). I just don't understand how "It's Hard Out There for A Pimp" can win best song but not a one of the Dreamgirls songs won.

Anonymous said...

Jayda Pinkey-Smith...Hot,hot, hot as always.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see the show but caught some clips from the red carpet and none were as real and as informative as you review...Loved it.

JHUD's battlestar gallatica bolero jacket - so funny and true - was bad enough but to have her hands in the pocket of the already casual outfit didn't help any...I thought she was getting a new stylist

I also like Jada and I liked Reese's dress