Monday, December 08, 2008

Fantasy Freak

Fantasy Freak
Relationships grow and sometimes grow apart. What makes them flourish varies depending on the partnership. The rules of engagement can change as the years progress. I had a conversation with BD this weekend and remarked at how I read an article about how some long-term relationships included everything from freakish fantasy play to third parties to enhance the union. Although we both agreed that a scenario that includes a third party in our particular relationship is out of the question, I made clear that it is my hope that we can always share and explore our fantasies and desires with each other. I began to think about how some partners choose to step-out on their partners using the excuse of being bored or trapped, rather than addressing – without judgment – the advent of fantasy. At virtually 40-years old, I don’t see the need to hold back what my desires are from BD. I’ve been able to stretch the limits of what I thought was enjoyable – even trying things I never tried before – and am enamored with the sense that he shares my desire to explore each other physically and mentally through fantasy sharing and role play.

15 Will Get You 20
In a matter of three months I’ve put on 15 pounds. On my recent trip to Puerto Rico, family members remarked that I had gained weight, but that they liked me better thicker; a sentiment shared by most of my straight friends and family. Although I’m not overweight – probably never will be – I’m not at a weight where I’m comfortable or better – confident. At over 160lbs., I’m a good 10lbs. over my ideal weight. This Thursday I’m undergoing a minor ambulatory procedure and will try to be at the gym again by next Monday. Although my lunch-time workouts would be professional suicide right now, I will make the time to workout in the evening. As luck would have it my gym has opened a location just 5 minutes from my crib.

Annette (Freakin Rican) Sympathy
My deepest sympathy goes out to Annette (Freakin Rican). Freakin’ lost her dad recently and unbeknownst to me, was in Puerto Rico at the same time as I was with my dad. Freakin was a frequent commentator on this humble blog years ago and recently visited the spot to let me know of this tragedy. Thank you for finding the strength to offer your words of encouragement to me during my rough patch. Please know that you are always welcome back at your Not Shady Just Fierce home.

On Blast
Describe one sexual fantasy that you believe is difficult for you to share with your partner(s) or friend(s).

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Ty said...

That is a hard one to answer for me right now but think that it would could be one following:

1) This is something that I would like to revisit. There was one time when I was kind of with someone and we had a.... kind of group thing. I really became turned on when one of the guys looked as if he was going to penetrate my friend doggy style. Doing this while my friend gave me oral. That was HOOOOOTTTTT!!!! Now, if I was into that person more at that time, I don't know if I would be comfortable with that.

2) I have a thing in watching couples (or people sexually comfortable with each other) having sex, making out, etc. It is weird, it is almost like I live vicariously through them. I love to see the passion and the subjectiveness to each other. That is a real turn-on for me. I don't even have to join in, just watching is enough. Now if I have a bf or lover, I don't think that will fly with them but then again, don't know if I would need it at that point.

Joey Bahamas said...

You know what...SB and I have pretty frank conversations about these things. I'm so grateful for that because I'm a shade! LOL


fuzzy said...

first of all my condolances! that is really bad news to hear...

10 lbs isnt much and i bet it does look good on you! but its not what you want so i wish you an effective and speedy loss...

and on the fantasy thing, i just dont know! i'm just a freak and it might scare people if i let out all my fantasies!

believe it or not, i want an all night love making session. with an open-minded vers dude! i havent been able to find someone who will fufill this act, let alone be good at trying to go the distance!

Darius T. Williams said...

Hmph - I don't think I have a sexual fantasy that would be hard for me to share w/my friends. Ya know, I'm pretty open (no pun intended).