Monday, December 29, 2008

Click; ’09 Holds the Splendor of Grace

Click; ’09 Holds the Splendor of Grace
Grace: the freely given, unmerited favor and love of God

Last night I watched Adam Sandler in Click – a movie that takes a young husband and father of two through a hell ride when he’s given the opportunity to forward, rewind and pause through any part of his life with the use of a nifty universal remote given to him by, who we later find out is, the angel of death. Halfway into the flick I figured I missed this movie with good reason – it was Adam Sandler giving his usual great guy, bad circumstances act, but I was wrong. By the last 30 minutes, I was pulling my tissue box off the nightstand and using every commercial break to reflect on my own life and the times when I didn’t make the best choices. The moral of the story was simple, given the chance, would we fast forward through the difficult times in our lives only to find that it was at these very times when all the excitement and worthwhile living was taking place. As 2008 comes to a close I reflected on my family – BD and the Minnie included – and how there were warm-hearted times to go along with those frustrations that had me wishing for a universal remote of my own. This year showed me that the biggest priority in my life is those I love. I had the honor of caring for my parents when my dad had a recent surgery and this past weekend had me put my money where my mouth is as I spent 22 hours at BD’s bedside during his bout with appendicitis. All said, my loyalty to him was a greater gift to me than all the wonderful material things BD showered on me this Christmas. Our hospital drama gave me the gift of “in sickness and in health” and allowed me to live it, not just say it. I realized that I love BD and it had nothing to do with whether I think he’s the hottest man since baked bread. For all the times that I wondered if I could be the man he deserves, I felt I was given the luxury of earning my man’s heart. He’s now at home recovering – minus an appendix. As for my siblings, my sister hosted BD, the Minnie and I Christmas eve and we had an amazing time opening gifts; our children interacting and playing with their toys. As BD, the Minnie and I slept in front of the fireplace that night, I lay awake thinking how lucky I am to have more than I wished for. Can 2009 get any better? Well, it’s not always a matter of better. I believe that when you give of yourself and give without reservations it comes back to you ten-fold. I never would’ve predicted that 2008 would bring me the many gifts it deposited in my heart, but it did and for that I’m eternally grateful. My wish for 2009 is that the Lord blesses my loved ones and brings us genuine peace and happiness. In the end, it’s really what it’s all about. To my fellow bloggers, thank you for being a part of my extended family and sharing all that my life is with you. May your lives be filled with more happiness than you ever dreamed of and the splendor of grace. Here’s to the shine of ’0-9!

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With 2009 set to begin, what one thing about yourself do you KNOW to be true for the New Year?

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Curio said...

I wish you a happy and a healthy New Year.

One thing I know to be true, I will always strive to understand myself better and I am always open to criticism. I've grown the most when I have listened and was not so defensive.

kennyking78 said...

Your and BD's love story is an inspiration.

One thing I know to be true is that I am able to bounce back from the most complicated of situations and am also capable of loving again.

Anonymous said...

First off...please give BD a big hug from me and tell him I send my love! I can't believe yet ANOTHER sugery this month for your combined family! I pray he heals quickly and that he's up and around soon.

Your post, as most of them tend to do, has forced me into a period of self-reflection that I was kind of dreading--given my crappy 2008. But the one thing I know for sure is, my faith in my husband & myself is still as unshakable as it was nearly 16 years ago when our love was still new and everyone told me it wouldn't work. Thru our reconciliation this year...we've been tested time and again and have gotten thru worse storms than what we faced before our divorce. 2009 can only get better!

Happy New Year to you my sweet crazy big brother in NYC!! I love you!!


That Dude Right There said...

You certainly have had one hell of a 2008!!!

As for me, the one thing about me that I know to be true is that only I can make me happy. That's what i'm striving for.

Joey Bahamas said...

I'm so glad to hear BD is doing well. You guys really are an inspiration...we can work, not all of our relationships are dysfunctional. I love you Unc and I'm wishing you an amazing new year!


Darius T. Williams said...

I love this - really!

I'll get back to you with an answer to your question Socrates!

Kensilo said...

May you have a safe and Happy New Year Buddie!!!

Caspar608 said...

I am going to live it day by day.
Do what I believe to be right.
Continue to love and support the ones I love.
Work on a newer version of self, one less cynical, less jaded, healthier.

The possibilities are endless.