Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Supreme Boricua; Sotomayor Is Obama's Pick

Okay, so maybe I’m biased, but President Obama’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice makes my heart swell with pride and conjures the same puffed-chest feeling African Americans felt when they watched Obama head for the Presidential homestretch. Sonia Sotomayor – Obama’s pick to replace outgoing Justice David Souter – is a Bronx-born (NYC) Puerto Rican woman who was raised in the South Bronx just a stone’s throw from Yankee Stadium. This Boricua swam upstream since birth – losing her dad early on, raised in single-mom home, going to Cardinal Spellman – a Catholic High School – before busting-down Princeton, then Yale Law. No slouch professionally, she served as an Assistant District Attorney in NYC under Robert Morgenthau. She even holds honorary degrees from from Lehman College, Princeton University, Brooklyn Law School, Pace University School of Law, Hofstra University and Northeastern University. It is a proud day for minorities across the board, but Puerto Ricans especially. Now let’s knock-out the confirmation process and add the spice the Supreme Court’s been missing.

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Stereotypical jokes abound; learning to laugh at yourself…When Obama appeared certain to win the Presidency, many joked that we’d add a basketball court to the White House lawn or maybe have 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue smellin’ like chitlins (chitterlings).
What stereotypical joke can you come up with to get a good cackle going during this festive occasion?

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Mo said...

i love it! people of color getting recognized every which way!! i won't hold that she went to spelman against her (their athletic teams are beast!) but i seriously didn't know she has an honorary degree from my university (northeastern), awesome!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Yo, Coa, read your comment regarding my auncle and I understand your concern, but it is really not meant to be disrespectful. It is actually a slip of the tongue that goes along with the mind. Even when I talk to others abut her, I can't help but refer to her as him. You have to understand that it is a matter of even though I know he has lived his life as a woman (and yes I will slip eve as I write this comment, and it easier not to have to go back and correct the verbbage) but when I think of him I think of him as my uncle. I know it is confusing. Trust me, when we are face to face I try so hard not to make that slip, which is more than I can say for most, but my mind still thinks of him as my uncle not my aunt. I know that doesn't make that much sense, but it's about the best I can explain it.

Anonymous said...

Um, Cardinal Spellman is a High School in the Bronx...not to be confused with Spelman COLLEGE. : )

I went to Cardinal Spellman High School and I understand why she made it so far. Their teachers were strict, the curriculum was phenomenal...and had someone in my home showed an interest in what I wanted to do, perhaps my life might have been different - but I will save that for the therapists office.

In any case...honey should be celebrated in the grandest of ways. She epitomizes tenacity and ambition.

Perhaps she'll be the best the Supreme Court ever had...and do something about the resegregation of our schools.