Sunday, May 24, 2009

Three WAS Company Too

One day after we laid our beloved Bobby to rest, Sara - who attended the services with us - posted pics she found when we all were enjoying great times together. There are over 25 years of life experiences and treasured memories Bobby and I can't do those moments justice. Thanks for sharing Sara...the pictures brought tearful smiles to my eyes AND my heart.
(My Bobby in red-center)

On Blast

Has anyone ever shared a picture with you that sent the emotional floodgates crashing open?

Keep passin' the open windows...


Tiffanie said...

Several months after my grandmother passed, I was going through photos saved on my computer. There, in the most unlikely named folder, was a picture of my grandmother, my son, and daughter. It's now framed and hanging on my wall.

P.S. I'm so so sorry that you lost your great friend.

JACK said...

My cousin passed away two years ago - she contracted hiv from her husband and was so sour at God, man and everybody that she refused to take care of herself.

Less than a year before she passed, we had a family reunion of sorts (as much of a reunion as our ghetto ass family could put together) and I had pictures of her.

I enlarged one to 8 X 10 and brought it with me, framed, to the wake. And my aunt, her mother, just cried and cried when i handed it to her. She displayed it near the front by the casket.

About 5 of those pictures exist now throughout the family. I *think* I did something nice - the picture carries a lot of meaning now in the family.

So, yuh - that's my novel-length response to a very simple query.

Sorry for your loss, pa

That Dude Right There said...

Yes, It's a picture of my mother wearing a ball gown that I picked out that she loved. I cry everytime I see it.

Another is of my father smiling when we scream surprise at a party we gave him.