Thursday, December 31, 2009

God Is Your GPS; You Are the Driver

As 2010 comes in - well, a new decade starts - I'm looking forward to great beginnings. I'm still amazed by the mindset that really trusts in God doing things FOR anyone. It's like some folks take country-star Carrie Underwood literally and let go of the steering wheel in the hope that God will drive. It's my belief that you can trust God to be your GPS, giving you the direction of where to go, but you have the free will to drive yourself in any direction. Accepting responsibility for our own life is difficult. It means that you are crafting your own future - good and bad. It's okay to make mistakes, it's okay to take chances, it's okay to do the things that make you a better you. Ultimately, the time tested opinion is that you will regret all the things you fail to try, rather than the things you try and fail at. It's 2010 - a new year, a new decade; will it be a new you? God, like GPS, is great to have in your life, but HE gave you free will so that you aren't a helpless robot. Trust your GPS, but don't slip into the passenger seat leaving your GPS to drive. Happy 2010!

Keep passin' the open windows...

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Anonymous said...

thats like hitting cruise control at the drivers seat and taking a nap on I-95 while the car is in motion.


E said...

Wow very true words to abide by in the oh-10! Can't believe we're in a whole nother decade. Time's flying way too fast.