Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Age Winning Over Determination

Busta – my Miniature Schnauzer – has been with me since he was eight weeks old. In May, Busta will be 11-years old. Outside of one medical emergency that rendered Busta a temporary paraplegic, Busta has been a healthy guy. Since our move one week ago, Busta is now forced to navigate two, pretty steep, flights of steps. This morning, after having to call him to come downstairs to eat several times, Busta stumbled down the stairs and had to be fed by hand. Quite honestly he looked in pain at having to come down the stairs. After having to encourage him to eat, I ran back upstairs to begin getting ready for the work day when I heard Busta struggling and scratching trying to come up the flight of stairs to join me. I ran back down, scooped him up and placed him in his bed. He licked my hand – as if to say, ‘THANK YOU’ for the help. The realization hit me that my loyal best friend was showing real signs of aging. His pain and age are winning over his determination to be by my side at every moment. We often see what we want to see and I couldn’t see my pal growing old and struggling to still serve as my faithful protector. Busta can count on me being there to lift him up those stairs and carry him down those stairs to help him maintain his dignity as his body begins the process of betrayal…age winning over determination. It’s a sad sight.

On Blast
Canine companions will put your needs ahead of their own every time. They will tackle anything – no matter how big or threatening, comfort you when you’re down and even snuggle by you when you have nothing but a nasty word after a long day. There is no loyalty like that of a dog. Have you ever experienced that type of commitment and selfless abandon from a human being?

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Ty said...

Yeah, the tragic inevitablity

Anonymous said...

By the end of this post I was sobbing. Poor Busta.