Thursday, January 21, 2010

As John Edwards Found, Time Will Reveal

It’s always easier to tell the truth – in retrospect. I was teaching the Minnie a lesson in honesty this week. After lying about his homework, we had a conversation where I mentioned that, “I am NOT angry when you don’t do something – I’m disappointed – but when you lie, I’m angry that you: 1) Lied to me 2) Think that I am somehow stupid enough to fall for it.” I ended the discussion with a simple statement, “I can respect you and work with you if you tell me the truth, but if you lie, you will receive my full wrath – you will be punished and you will have lost our trust. The conversation sank in and he stuck to the script for the first couple of days, but last night he played himself again – lying to me that he did his homework, only to ask for help from BD on the side. He got caught and I did the fiery, “See, you think you’re fooling somebody, but you’re not….” And on, and on, and on. On a bigger stage is John Edwards. He lied about having an affair, lied about having a baby and is now trying to run interference to a tell-all book set to release in the coming few weeks that show him the father of 2-year old Frances Hunter born to his, then videographer, in ’08. Edwards now says that he hopes his daughter will one day realize why he had to lie and forgive him. Alrighty then… First, it’s not our business – well, outside of that little Presidential-run-thing, but really, in the BIG scheme of things, this story is hurtful and disturbing to his wife and children who were lied-to and betrayed, more so than John Q Public who finds these juicy tidbits of gossip newsworthy. Time will reveal was the title of a beautiful song by a group called Debarge back in the ‘80s. As I mature, I’m less judgmental and recognize that the lesson of truth and honesty that I teach the Minnie are lessons I hope for in myself and those in my immediate circle. Honesty always wins. Even if the person you’re dealing with hates you at the moment, they will ultimately respect you for being honest and telling the truth. You can’t lose on that point. Unfortunately, when you’re in the midst of the issue, honesty sometimes doesn’t seem possible and as John Edwards will tell you, honesty is much easier….in retrospect.

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What lie have you told that IN RETROSPECT you wish you would’ve been honest about? How would the truth have changed the outcome?

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Anonymous said...

He's as douchey as Jesse Jackson.
Punks and cowards are running amock in the political realm. UGH.

Lies, lies...lets see.

I wish I never lied about being in love with someone who didnt love me.
I wasted years of my life convincing myself that love "endures" when love gets just as fed up with bullshit as the next guy (or girl).

WORD to life.

Cocoa Rican said...

Cas...isn't life full of perfect HINDSIGHT solutions? We now know what we could've done better. So my thought is that if we take that and apply it to everything going forward - maybe...just maybe - we can get what we thought we should've had. Comprende?

Anonymous said...

yet another reason why our friendship has endured over the years.
you keep it real, you keep it right.

I love you bro. : )

yet another black guy said...

I wish I could've said I was gay earlier in life. It would have saved me a shit load of time, issues and nonsense.