Thursday, September 15, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 9/15/05

Digits-Robbing Teen Gets 11-Months
An unidentified 17-year old Massachusetts teen will be serving 11 months at a juvenile facility for hacking-in to a T-Mobile server and stealing the address book of Paris Hilton. The well-publicized story showed that the teen was able to access the numbers for several celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, Eminem, Vin Diesel, Christina Aguilera and Ashlee Simpson. This was not the alleged perpetrators first foray into the computer crimes realm; he was also charged with sending hoax bomb-threat e-mails to schools in Florida and Massachusetts.

Boo, You’re the President; You Don’t Have To Raise Your Hand
President George W. Bush wrote a note to Condoleezza Rice yesterday while attending the Security Council meeting at the 2005 World Summit at the United Nations in NYC. The note read, “I think I may need a bathroom break.” For the record Mr. President, you don’t have to ask the Secretary of State for permission to pee-pee. Reuters, a wire news service zoomed-in and capture a picture of the note which they ran for all to see.

Long Story Short
Carlos C. had a second procedure to drain fluid and clots from one of his lungs. The ailing brother of yours truly has been battling a serious condition that causes his blood to clot. He will have a tube in his lung for the next week-or-so until it is clear that there are no clots left in his lung. Michael Jackson is said to be back in the states and rumor has it he’s in NYC – staying at the Palace Hotel, just a couple of blocks from my office. If I see an emaciated white man running through midtown, I’ll let you guys know. Congrats to Freaking Rican who landed another lucrative position with US Trust. J’Moo is burying his aunt today. Verline (sp) died earlier in the week. J’Moo’s parents are said to be in NYC until the end of the week to attend the services.

On Blast
There’s always someone to say something mean-spirited or negative (sometimes it’s even me!) Can you remember something negative or mean someone said to you that made you look at yourself in a different light? Do you still question whether their comments were warranted?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

Throughout my life I've had many people always say things to me, however, sometimes they were mean and sometimes it was just the plain TRUTH. At the time though we may not see things the way they are meant, but for me I try to listen to what people tell me & somethings I accept & somethings I don't. However, all this to say that you learn through experience & in time those that mean well & those that are just plain mean or envious.


Anonymous said...

There’s always someone to say something mean-spirited or negative (sometimes it’s even me!) Can you remember something negative or mean someone said to you that made you look at yourself in a different light? Do you still question whether their comments were warranted?

I tend to be told many times myself that I say mean things & many times it's not my intention but depending on what's going on sometimes it's just the TRUTH but the person was not ready to hear that & find it harsh or mean. So people say what they say & I do my best to dicifer whether it was warranted or not but I accept their comments & try my best to think about & if I don't apply it right away eventually I do & I always welcome feedback I hope it to be constructive but even when it's not I try my best to listen, remember, & use it at a later time.

People in general mean well it's just our training that's mess up our training & presentation. But heck nobody is perfect.



Look it here...I come across so strong that people are afraid to tell me the truth. But when my friends tell me "Annette" you are being this way or being that way...I take a step back and see if that is the way I am truly being and I love my friends for being able to love me and accept me for the person that I am. I am blessed to know that my friends love me regardless of my PMSing ways. As Krissy puts it "Tu no es face" which means "you are not an easy person" but she loves me regardsless and I love her too. But everything that comes out of my mouth is never meant in malice it is meant from a place of concern for my friends and they know it. Now for the last person that did speak to me out of the side of their mouth was this Asian woman on my bus that said that I am the woman that gets on the bus and looks like she hates the world and when she said that I was like "What" she don't know me to say such a horrible thing. Then I sat and thought about it and realize that yeah maybe I do come across as a serious person when I get on the bus or walk down the street but the bottom line is I know who I am and I am happy being me. I just need to project a less serious person when I am walking down the street or getting on the bus so yes her comment was mean spirited to hurt me but in actually she helped me realized that I need to lighten up a bit and let others see the funny, loving, caring and outgoing person that I truly am. Now when I get on the bus people know who I am because I have them in stitches when I talk to the bus driver and that same Asian girl that said those mean things to me she sits there in amazement wondering what ever happened to that "I hate the world woman" that was never me....
See Yo Landmark was a blessing Thank you.....

Cocoa Rican said...

With a brain that works at break-neck speeds and a tongue that could crush a blue whale, I'm not normally stumped by anyone wishing to trash me. Chances are, the mean-spirited person would regret ever considering the, that said, it doesn't mean that I don't internalize some of the criticisms that are directed my way - most of all, by folks whom I consider friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, the words of others don't have the lasting effect or the self-mutilating consequences as I inflict on myself. I am my own worst critic. I can make my feel like a star or so pitiful I can hardly get out of bed. A good example was when I internalized being heavy and became painfully anorexic. At 118 lbs I still told myself I was heavy and could stand to lose weight. I ate no more than 600 calories per day and exercised 5-6 days a week. True, lots was going on during this period of my life, but in the end I did the worse damage - both mentally and physically. Today at 170 lbs., I realize that I'm as attractive as I've ever been... that most times it wasn't really my physique that captured folks attention, it was my personality. I'll always have moments when I'm my own worst enemy, but the good thing is that on the "norm" I'm truly my very best friend.


caspar608 said...

I stopped giving a shit about what people say when I realized that most people don't know what the fuck they are talking about.
Probably the most hurtful thing that was ever said to me or about me was when my son Bryan was born and my father told someone he didn't have a daughter Colleen because she had a baby with a nigger. After that, you had to go pretty deep far and wide to hurt my heart with words.
But it's all good because my kids were the best people that ever happened to me (think Gladys knight "You're the best thing that ever happened to me").
So, sticks and stones may break my bones
But the stupid shit that flows from your mouth will never hurt me

P.S. I have since forgiven my father, although our relationship is not what it should be