Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Morning Edition - 9/28/05

Sometimes Funny; 2005 BET Comedy Awards
Last night, BET aired the 2005 BET Comedy Awards with host Steve Harvey at the helm. It appears this comedy award show will always resort to inappropriate and mean-spirited humor to gain its laughs - the opening act was no exception. Mocking a roman-era king, Harvey sentences a President Bush look-alike to a whipping for his handling of the hurricane Katrina disaster, but not before his loyal subjects shout how they feel the offending Bush should be punished. The blurts included, “Crush his nuts!” Granted, a disclaimer stating that some language on the show would be inappropriate for children appeared before the show and before returning from each commercial break, but the show’s language and attempts at humor, were inappropriate to virtually everyone watching – including its host. Harvey returned from some interval comedy skits with a look of disgust. The lowest point of the evening was the “Nigga Wake Up Call Award,” handed-out by the infamous Paul Mooney. Mooney, a controversial comic who stirred-up last year’s award show with the “Coon” award, chose to highlight Diana Ross as one of the nominees for the Nigga Wake Up Call Award. This wouldn’t be so bad, except his dry humor was lost on the audience – including Ross daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross, who received an award earlier in the evening for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series. Harvey later berated Mooney and even had the crowd give Ellis Ross a standing ovation. He mentioned that had it been him in her shoes the show would’ve turned into the Source Awards with gunshots fired at Mooney. As usual, the caddy awards show should have encore performances in the near future. For photos of the stars at the awards show go to

This Is Serious! Do Something!
Over 70 black leaders met with high-level officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) after a study released in June estimated that over half of all black men who have sex with other men are HIV positive. The study’s test group included men in Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City and San Francisco. Since then, black leaders have asked the CDC to step up to the plate and address the issue, but the federal agency has simply dropped the ball on an “entire segment of the population.” In an open letter, chief executive officer of the Black Aids Institute in Los Angeles, Phill Wilson said the statistics showed the disease is nothing short of “genocide” for black men. When black leaders asked CDC director Julie Gerberding would she make a commitment to respond to their recommendations and give them a time frame on a response, Gerberding said, “Where’s the urgency?” Ultimately, the end of the open letter summed it up best, “we must be willing to hold ourselves accountable and responsible for our own survival.” To date, more than 1.5 million people in the U.S. have been infected with HIV since the first cases were reported in June 1981.

Don’t Believe The Hype; Pepsi Hasn’t Dropped Kanye
Shondell Town, a “boycott organizer” e-mailed a group of California professionals saying Pepsi should be boycotted for their release of rapper turned activist Kanye West. Turns out West wasn’t dropped by Pepsi. The e-mail from Town was unfounded – though widely circulated. Per Nicole Bradley, Public Relations Manager for Pepsi North America, West still has his endorsement deal and Pepsi has no plans to drop the artist. She added, “His [Kanye’s] Pepsi commercial is scheduled to air several times this week.”

On Blast
Take responsibility…. We’ve all encountered very difficult situations in life. From the loss of a loved one to the crumbling of a relationship, life has moments when speaking to someone – whether therapist or friend – is beneficial. Getting varied perspectives is important and therapeutic in asserting a positive outlook (perspective) on life. At what point do you feel speaking about an issue is pointless and personal responsibility kicks-in? When should an individual accept reality and be responsible for taking steps to moving on with life? Can a person become stuck in a time-warp of unrealistic helplessness?

Keep passin’ the open windows…




For some people, they are stuck on stupid for a very long time. As far as a time frame...It really is up to an individual to whollow in their self pity or they can take back what they lost and usually that is their self love and self respect. I have friends that have had difficult experiences in their lives and they brace it and deal with the hurt and then they move on rather quickly. For those friends I have nothing but respect for because they are so much like me. Then I have those friends that just keep bringing up their self pity and their hurtful past and they just keep on going and going and going like the endless Energizer Bunny! Those friends I really try to give the best possible advice (about 15 times) and then if they continue with the same sap story I start to disconnect and stay away for awhile until I can re-energize myself to be able to be around them. My friends know me so well that when I stay away from them for awhile they understand it's only because I can only take them in spurts.

Anonymous said...

hooked on phonics

caspar608 said...

while I agree it may be draining to watch your friends make the same mistakes over and over again, I feel that the whole point in being a friend to someone is sticking it out with the person and being there for them as much as possible without allowing your family and responsibilities to self fall to the wayside.
my friend Robert Palmer had this song out "It Takes EVery Kind of People To Make What Life's About" Not everyone is as strong and balanced as the next. Not everyone can be alone and keep all of their pain iside of them and put up a good front like " I am OK to be all alone".
Therapy is a good tool for someone who needs to put their life in perspective from an objective point of view. Since you are paying the person to hear all of your problems, they aren't going to shut down and walk away from you - which really isn't what yor friends are supposed to do to you in the first place.
Imagine how God feels about us just watching how many mistakes we make and how often we make the same ones. We always fall short of recogizing our own divinity - if we were't all distracted by the lies we tell ourselves and the lies the media sells to us, maybe we wouldn't keep doing the same stupid things.
My point is this: I believe we are all fully capable of working things out ourselves...but it is a PROCESS and sometimes it takes a professional (or a really good group of friends) to help unearth our divinity, our ability to overcome all things.
Get behind me Satan; I am MORE than a conqueror in His name.

caspar608 said...


donya said...

Okay but what do you do when they are not excepting your help. I am dealing with (well not anymore) someone who would rather blame others for their problems instead of accepting what has been and enjoying what is right in front of them. I have gotten tired so I am finish with it. Now don't get me wrong when they decide to get their life together or even better are ready to except things I will be right here to help them but just not as much because some times they get used to you being there for them like that as well.

Cocoa Rican said...

Simply stated, I have been on both sides of the issue. As the person experiencing the issues, I have tried to solve them on my own and many times have made self-destructive decisions – even some I considered self-sabotage. In the end, I accept that I cannot change certain things and as frustrating as that may be, it’s my perception and therefore, my reality. I am also keenly aware of how I come across to my friends and don’t ever want to appear weak or incapable of handling my own life. For this reason, I often keep many things to myself. This, however, does not mean I don’t have bouts of helplessness or self-pity, but it does mean that when those emotions prevail, I tend to keep my distance from folks, thereby preventing them from having to experience it. I also realize that when I was younger I was much more open to share my life with others. Now, I’m not as comfortable with having any portion of what I share tossed back at me during casual conversation, so I tend to keep more an more to myself. Perhaps my very isolation has been my undoing or, conversely, my way of growing up and tackling my life.

When dealing with friends I try to be understanding, open-minded and direct. It’s a tight-rope-walk at times, because my direct side sometimes wins out – especially when the issue is repetitive and there doesn’t appear to be a change or forward progression in the individual. Ultimately, we’re sometimes called upon to share our experiences and wisdom with someone, but there are also times when you are there simply as an observer. As an observer it’s sometimes hard to listen objectively and we’re tempted to jump in and scream, “Get over it bitch…” or the like, but fighting that urge and simply providing an ear can sometimes be all a friend needs. Giving your friends the ability to hear themselves can sometimes provide loads more value than giving them your two cents.

There are folks that get stuck… there’s no denying how annoying that can be. Your choice to stand by and listen is based on your tolerance of this behavior. I have my days and there are times when listening to a friend’s issues is the equivalent of shards of glass in my nail beds, but I realize that I’m not perfect and chances are my friends aren’t either.


To the Anonymous one that corrected my spelling.....I type rather quickly and I don't go back to check my spelling. So obviously you knew what I why correct me? It's people like you that make me want to slap the shit out of. You had to go and try to be right! Damn I can't even make a mistake without someone trying to correct you all the time.... So to Anonymous one I can spell this perfectly "KISS MY ASS" And as for Caspar's comment...Girl, I am not saying that I drop a friend because I don't want to hear the bullshit anymore I just "Choose" to take a "timeout" to be able to go back and give her a listening ear ONE MORE TIME! before I give her advice AGAIN FOR THE 100th time and then take a "Timeout" again. If that's not a friend then you got me....I consider myself a smart friend that knows when she's tired and needs to take a step back instead of blowing up and regretting things that might come out of my mouth.....

Cocoa Rican said...

"Silence is the true friend that never betrays."

caspar608 said...

Uh, its one thing if its a typo, its another thing all together if you are phonetically and grammatically incorrect. Whollow and wallow are two completely different words all together.
I didn't have the time to sign in -I was busy debating marriage with my mother on the phone. Ask Hector, I ain't ever scared. But it was definitely all in fun. Relax.
Yes, we all need to take deep breaths in between therapy sessions with our friends. Patience is a virtue that I am learning from my children. Rather than lose your temper and be tempted to say something cruel or something in anger, you may want to try an approach like saying..."don't you think you should take some responsibility for what is going on? you are allowing this man to abuse you or you are allowing people to walk all over you, etc"
It is what it is right? We are who we are. Whatever the case may be, I am sure you are an excellent friend when you haven't had it up to here with the same stupidity.

On a lighter note, check out the VH1 Hip Hop Honors pictures so you can feel REALLY old:

The gals from En Vogue look absolutely fabulous for women in their late forties and early fifties.


caspar608 said...

Also, I think Steve Harvey is the most UNFUNNY of the Kangs of Comedy.
He is smug, stupid and his face begs a smack or two.

Cocoa Rican said...

Since we're focusing on grammar and spelling my pumpkins...

"fall to the wayside" should be "fall by the wayside"

"all of their pain iside of them" I'm sure should've been "all of their pain INSIDE of them"

"the same sap story I start" should, of course, be "the same SOB story..."

so you see, everyone makes faux pas... let's take it easy and a Midol :)

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