Monday, September 26, 2005

Morning Edition - 9/26/05

Fifteen Years Is Not That Long; Is It?
Ashton Kutcher, 27, and Demi Moore, 42, got married this weekend. The two have been dating since 2003. This is the first marriage for Kutcher and the third for Moore. This summer Moore reportedly told a magazine they planned to expand their family, but did not mention marriage. Granted, Moore looks superb for her age and Kutcher started as a model, making this a super HOT couple, but the underlying age issue has always prevailed. Many females love the thought of the roles being reversed, with an older woman dating a younger man, while some feel the age difference and lack of mutual references will prove fatal for the relationship.

Oops! Did I Do That?!
Yesterday’s Hispanic Community Parade in Jackson Heights, Queens (NYC) was interrupted by tragedy when an unidentified SUV driver plowed down five beauty pageant contestants marching in the parade. The driver meant to step on the brake and mistakenly hit the gas, dragging three of the beauties before onlookers lifted the SUV from the Miss Taxi International bombshells. The driver, who was not charged, was said to be crying profusely.

Raped Sex Slave or Willing Participant?
Roderick Johnson, 37, was serving time at the Allred Unit, a prison a few miles outside of Witchita Falls, Texas. It was there that Mr. Johnson alleges he was raped and sold or rented as property by a gang called the Gangster Disciples. Johnson and corroborators, who appeared at his lawsuit against the state, allege Johnson was sold for as little as $3 to $7 per session, several times a day. The state alleges Johnson is a “free-world” homosexual who willingly participated in sex with prisoners. The state has letters from Johnson to several prisoners that appear to be love notes. In fairness, the state also has letters from Johnson begging to be removed from his unit and put into safekeeping – a unit reserved for at risk known homosexuals, convicted police officers and informants. The ACLU has taken-up Johnson’s case. The state officials who have testified say Johnson should have attempted to fight away his alleged attackers and that most prison rape victims show physical signs of abuse, including broken bones and bruises.

On Blast
The previous story about the alleged rape of Roderick Johnson begs the questions: Why are we closed minded or unable to accept a “free-world” gay man being raped? Can it be equated with saying that you can’t really rape a woman since she enjoyed sleeping with men anyway? Is it possible that Johnson refused to be beaten to a pulp only to be raped anyway? Why has the state (and some of the media) turned this into a case of “you can’t rape the willing?” Can someone tell me what the difference is between a “free-world” gay man and a “locked-down” gay man – since gay would indicate a man who willingly chooses to sleep with men?

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Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what the difference is between a “free-world” gay man and a “locked-down” gay man – since gay would indicate a man who willingly chooses to sleep with men?

To me there is no difference. Who are they to judge anyway. I mean only the person who is in that position can understand what's going on.

You (the person whether man or woman) have the right to sleep with whoever you want. Now it, to me, becomes rape when you are being forced against your own will. And to have the nerve to say for him to fight to show at least broken arms, bruises, is bullshit. Some people have to lay there and let it happen or else the beat-up job can become a killing you job. Whose to say how a person should behave under those conditions. Listen here, many of us tend to speak w/out ever experiencing. It must be a scary feeling to have someone attack you against your will and what the person will do is an invidual thing and one never knows how they are going to act.

To me it does not matter if they are gay, straight or twisted a human being is a human being and forcing someone is forcing someone.

They should just address what happened and the fact that it was against his will. Just because he's gay does not matter there are no differences in gender when it comes to rape. Rape is rape and it's against a person's will and whether they should fight or not is also not a universal thing because everyone reacts to situations differently especially under fear.

So they should fuck-off and stick to the real issue: A Violation of a person's right and willingness.