Thursday, September 29, 2005

Afternoon Edition - 9/29/05

…And Justice For All
John Roberts was sworn in as the 17th chief justice of the United States. As a Supreme Court Justice, Roberts replaces chief justice William Rehnquist who died earlier this month. Roberts was confirmed by the Senate on a vote 78-22. President Bush is expected to nominate someone to replace outgoing chief justice Sandra Day O’Connor tomorrow.

Now That I’m Better I think I’ll Kill Myself
Some children and adolescents with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are now prescribed Strattera. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now found that the drug may cause suicidal thinking in some youngsters. The FDA will now require that a black-box warning be posted on the drug label here in the U.S. and in some foreign countries. This is the most serious warning that can be placed on a drug.

Wait A Minute Mr. Postman!
Dell Computers is the first test customer using the new U.S. Post Office service - hold for pick-up. Large, valuable or perishable items would be marked “Hold for pick-up” by the shipper and the customer would be delivered a slip asking them to pick up the package when it is available at their post office. If the customer has not picked up the package in three days they would receive a second notice and the package would be returned to the sender if it hadn’t been picked up after 10 days. UPS and Federal Express already offer this service.

Legal Problems No Longer In The Closet
Gutter-mouth and indicted baby screwer, R. Kelly is now being sued by rapper Cam’ron, a.k.a. Cameron Giles who says he co-wrote the Snake Remix on Kelly’s 2003 Chocolate Factory album. The riff stems from a disagreement between Giles and Kelly over Giles co-authoring Snake with the arrangement that Kelly would record a hook and beats for Giles Purple Haze album. That hook never happened.

Long Story Short
Bobby S. is celebrating the big 4-1 on October 4, while Columbus Day will be Cedric P.’s day. Sarah R. completed her studies at NYU – congrats. Celebrations for her accomplishment will be Saturday, October 15. Carlos C. will be released from the hospital tomorrow after being admitted September 9. Carlos celebrates his 32nd birthday on October 13. Speaking of which Ceddy… I’ll need to cancel on that North Carolina weekend. We’ll reschedule so don’t pout. Congrats to my Fluff. His new Chi-town gig at the gallery is going super! New wardrobe this weekend… that’s right, I can’t wear my spandex dress clothes to work anymore.

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Winnie said...

Happy Birthday, Carlos!!! Libras in the house!!! My birthday is the 15th, my husband's is the 27th and my son's is the 31st!!! My house is party central for the month of October!

Tammy said...

uh, scuse me ms. winnie...but oct. 31 is scorpio...holla!!! so your baby is scorpio like yours truly Nov. 3.

caspar608 said...

Ann Taylor is having a FABULOUS sale.
Even the wools stretch.
Check it out boo!
I am already a size sixteen and bustin out all over. I need to leave Quizno's the hell alone.

Winnie said...

hey, tammy!! yeah, im the only libra in my house and the only woman!!! i guess that's why im libradiva!!

Cocoa Rican said...

I have to write this down. What the heck is Ann Taylor gonna do fo' me?!?!? Bitch, don't play with me! Brotha is now HUGE! I need to find nice dark colors with no pleats. At present I am larger than both Bobby and Clent! Is that sick or what?!?! I rock the thug-gear on weekends... gone are all the fitted, low-cut, drop waist clothes...OH LAWD JESUS!!

caspar608 said...

you and I need to do NON-Celebrity Fit club 3. Don't be fooled by the blob that I got, I'm still, I'm still Colleen from the block. used to be little now I got a lot. No matter where I go, there's a cuchfritos.

Cocoa Rican said...

BIG PUN LIVES! I always wondered how he let himself get that fuckin' big, now I know... it is insane. I'm so upset I can eat a side of beef - with gravy, oh.. and potatos....and I wanna try those new Sara Lee Microwave individual cakes... make that three of them....wash them down with a forty. Oh goodness... I can't stop myself!

Anonymous said...

Yo Hector,

Come join me at Karate and I can assure you all those pounds will be forcibly dropped off of you.

You would love it, have fun with Vio and me and your ass will be so tight you'll keep coming back for more.

I can arrange a free class as a trial let me know and I will arrange.

By the way my instructor is very handsome 6 feet no body fat, trigeno and also shaves his head.

We would have a ball. So let me know.


Cocoa Rican said...

I'd love to do Karate, but I'm going back to the gym this weekend and getting ready for my Thanksgiving on the beaches of Puerto Rico.... I'd like to be able to rock a bathing suit at least - maybe not get harpooned while I'm at it! When I drop a couple, I'll hit you up about joining Karate...right now, I do most of my stretching in the bedroom - :)

Anonymous said...

wel in a bathing suit coco you don't need to loose anything. You know you're packing and that never gets affected so you are all set for P.R. whether you work out or not.

Heeee hee are u blushing.