Friday, November 17, 2006

Morning Edition - 11/17/06

I Wanna Be Loved...

I’m Off To See the Wizard
Later this morning, I will have my legs in the air. My flight departs out of New York at 7 a.m. and barring any mechanical failure, it is due to arrive in Puerto Rico before noon. This is my most needed vacation in some time and I’m really looking forward to unwinding. When I say, “I’m off to see the wizard,” I really mean it folks. I need a renewed heart to deal with newfound love interests; regeneration of my fried brain to come up with some creative ideas; courage to overcome the obstacles to my professional and social development; and the wherewithal to still find my way back home. I’m still debating whether I’ll be taking my lap top, but I certainly will be taking my digital camera – so the journey will be documented and shared with my blog family. If I take my lap top I will attempt to have several postings while on vacation. Otherwise, I’ll be back on Wednesday, November 29th.

Dreamgirls and Boys For That Matter
And I am telling you, they’re not going… to screw this one up, that is. Reporters attending Wednesday night’s first full screening of Dreamgirls raved, gushed and praised the onscreen performances of Jennifer Hudson (as Effie White – originally played by Jennifer Holliday) and Eddie Murphy (as James Earley). Short of mentioning that the cast of Dreamgirls had rediscovered the wheel or have a new recipe for white bread, the word is that Dreamgirls is a worthy Oscar contender – “Bar none!” You may recall that Jennifer Hudson lost to Fantasia Barino on American Idol. It now appears Hudson will easily overshadow Barino as a mega-watt success. Ironically, Barino auditioned for the part of Effie and did not get the role.

On Blast
As much as we try to come away from it, religion appears to be a huge “uniter” or divider of the masses. To make matters more complicated, many folks appear to think that some sins are worse (or in some way, more punishable) than others. Do you believe that all sin is equal in the eyes of your God or higher power OR do you feel that some sins (by virtue of their severity) are assigned greater punishment? Is sin just sin? What sin(s), if any, should we focus more closely on?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

I believe all sins are equal but I feel that murder is taken to another level. Taking someone's life is something you can ask forgiveness for but you can't bring that person back. While their family goes through the hurt and pain of losing a loved one, you are still living and enjoying life. You can ask for forgiveness for stealing, cheating and lying but you can always take the item back to the store, ask your spouse to forgive you and tell the truth. The three things I named don’t take a life and gives you room to ask for forgiveness and make things better. You can't do that with murder.


Anonymous said...

I won't comment on the sin part because of my non-religious beliefs (and yes, I believe in a creator) because I don't want to start an arguement.

But I will be in the theatre to see Dreamgirls. I think that this one will thrust Jennifer Hudson into a great acting career. And lord knows Eddie Murphy needs to revive his.