Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Morning Edition - 12/13/06

Darn, I’m Sick
The last year-or-so I’ve been extra careful to eat well and work-out. The benefits have been slow, but steady and I’ve managed to avoid any colds and the like – well, that is until now. It appears my beautiful nephew is polluted and has managed to corrode me as well. Granted, I can’t help but pick him up and hug him close, so I may have brought on some of this damage. Yesterday I had a temperature, sniffles and an uncomfortable sleepiness that told me I was out of commission. I stayed home and slept throughout the day. I was awakened this morning by my stomach joining in on the sick party. Ugh...guess it's my turn.

Can Kanye Be Original?
Kanye West, a celebrated rapper has a new CD, Late Registration, which enjoyed sales of over 825,000 in just one week. Now, he’s being sued by old-school stunt artist Evel Knievel for a video and pictures that share a likeness with Knievel’s red, white and blue jumpsuit West copied for his Touch the Sky single. Knievel says West even copied the outfit down to the EK belt. West, who is using Evel Kanyevel for the segment will now answer copyright infringement accusations in court papers filed in Florida on Friday. No monetary damages were declared. How about some originality KW?

DC, HIV; The Goal
DC holds the infamous distinction of having the highest rate of new HIV infections each year. This year the city spent over $1.3 million to change these statistics. The goal was to have 400,000 residents, 14-84-year olds, tested. Unfortunately, the city says that in five months of advertising the free testing it has only managed to test 20,000 residents. The hope is that many more will come forward and be tested in the coming weeks. Hey, like the ad says, “The Know is Spreading.” Know your status; save your life.

On Blast
With the swift spread of HIV/AIDS in the minority community, do you feel additional pressure to require your sexual partners share their medical history – namely their HIV status and whether they’ve been tested – with you?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Just Me said...

I don't feel that ur medical history is any of my business unless we are planning marriage and then your whole financial history/medical/Parental and any other history is mine for the viewing. You know crazy is hereditary.
I tell my kids that THEY must protect themselves in any and ALL situations.

There are people out there that don't even know their own status so, how are they going to protect anyone else?

Put a cap on it people. I'll be the first to say, I hate Condoms but they are my friend because I don't want anymore kids nor do I want any disease.

Anonymous said...

What is the problem, is Evel Knievel broke? It was just an re-enactment...dang

On blast: Let's get tested together and no I don't need to know your med. history.


Cocoa Rican said...

Everyone I interact with gets treated like they're infected - Period! I don't need to know because in my minds eye you have it. So I protect myself as best possible and get tested once a year. I don't need a medical history or some cock-and-bull story to lull me into a false sense of security to not use a condom. It ain't gonna happen bruh!

Anonymous said...

I lived in DC for almost 7 years until recently moving to Atlanta in the middle of this year... and I never heard anything about free HIV testing.

So not only was that poor marketing but also poor strategic vision. Posting ads is not going to get 400,000 people tested. The should have went to the high schools... to churches... to wizards, nationals, and redskins games... had mobile testing centers around the city.

DC has been claiming to be so on top of this issue since the Appleseed report came out and still nothing as changed.

Anonymous said...

Reddmann, you hit the nail on the head with that one. I haven't seen not one advertisement.


YUSEF said...

DC has had free HIV testing for years...whitman Walker and DC Health clinic so i dont know what part of DC you were in reddmann...further how is knowing your status going to slow the spread if you still slinging raw every chance you get but not disclosing...i just dont get it. It may sound harsh but HIV is here to stay period, cuz folk dont like using condoms bottom line.

Cocoa Rican said...

Aiiighty then...
Yusef has a point there.