Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Morning Edition - 12/5/06

I Ain’t About To Blow-Up My Fan Base
Singer, actress, songwriter extraordinaire, Beyonce Knowles, is appearing in one of the premiere U.S. magazines, Instinct, to promote her new movie Dreamgirls. Ms. B tells the gay publication that although she has a strong religious upbringing, she never let it affect how she felt about the gay community. She went on to tell of her gay uncle, who died of AIDS several years ago, who she says helped raise her and even worked closely with her mom to make her gowns. "He brought me to school every day. He helped me buy my prom dress. He made my clothes with my mother. He was like my nanny. He was my favorite person in the whole world. I never mixed Christianity with how I felt (about him). I am about faith and spirituality more so than religion, doing right by others and not judging," Beyonce said. B was then asked what she would do if she had a gay child. She said, "(I'd say) I love him for the person he is with no expectations back." That-a girl B…with answers like that you’re sure to be a star for years to come.

Here’s What You Need to Do With My Body
Former President Jimmy Carter, now 82, said he’d like to be buried in Plains, Georgia – the town where he and his wife of over 60-years – were born. During the three-hour interview on CSPAN-2 on Sunday, Carter went on to say that he wishes his body to be viewed in Washington and a brief stop in Atlanta. As a president, Carter is entitled to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. More important, the question remains what prompted his detailed wishes at this time.

Honey, I Intoxicated the Kid
A 2-month old baby girl and her mom were dropped off at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado early Sunday morning and the baby girl was legally drunk. With an alcohol level of 0.364 – 4 times the legal limit for drivers in that state – the investigation continues as to how the infant ingested the alcohol and what long term effects she will suffer from the alcohol poisoning. Presently the police are hunting down the boyfriend of the mom who is said to live out of his car.

On Blast
We all have deep-seated beliefs, values and biases that we either are taught as children or have hammered into us by life experiences. However, there are moments of enlightenment when we come across someone who helps us see how we were either wrong or simply needed to change our thinking. Who has crossed your path that has changed your belief system, values or exposed your bias, making you see the light? What was their approach? Did you ever think back to how ridiculous your thinking was prior to meeting them?

Keep passin’ the open windows…

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Cocoa Rican said...

A few folks really taught me some important lessons – even changed my view on things.

First: Hot head, good writing skills, work the program (WRONG!)
Leona taught me that my putting things in writing can stand to hurt me in the future when the intended target has my enraged psychobabble to show around. Regardless of how carefully crafted your letter, memo or cathartic novel is – it never is interpreted the way you intended when it is read years later. Besides, no one will actually know or comprehend the prodding that led-up to your tirade.

Second: You do me in, you get cut-off, I never forgive you. (WRONG!)
Monica taught me that while I may never forget how you may have wronged me, I am as miserable as you are if I don’t forgive you and move on. It takes a lot of mental and emotional energy to hold a grudge and chances are the darn fools who sent you over the edge aren’t worth that kind of investment.

Third: Tell folks what you’re thinking and feeling and they’ll do their best to make you happy. (WRONG!)
Silence is your friend. There is nothing that set’s your opponent, partner, wife or husband on their head more than NOT knowing what you’re thinking – and therefore, what you’re capable of doing. This isn’t to say that you don’t let people know what they can do to make things better, but don’t beat a dead horse or make yourself a whining chatterbox. Say what you need, expect and feel and let it go. When the need arises, quietly reassess the situation and handle it – internally. No need to take a vote when the party you’re dealing with isn’t actually registered to vote… enough said.

Finally: There are rules to love and when those rules are broken, all bets are off. (WRONG!)
My past relationships (and partners) have taught me that there are no rules. Love can withstand anything and yet be dissolved over the most minor infraction. Parameters are set by partners in a trusting, loyal and respectful environment and all preconceived notions of what makes relationships work and what breaks them down is determined by the participants. The outside world – friends, family and jealous onlookers – be damned. LOL