Friday, December 29, 2006

Morning Edition - 12/29/06


Dreamgirls; Believe the Hype
Last night I sat to experience the truth behind the enormous media buzz that is Dreamgirls. With five Golden Globe nominations – Best picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Song – Dreamgirls proved they earned each one of those nominations. To sum it up, the acting is on point and the music sequences are superb. Beyonce Knowles as Deena Jones and Jennifer Hudson as Effie Melody White are sure to leave a lasting impression. To those that were unimpressed with Knowles performance, I completely disagree. Her character called for a sweet innocence that would have been lost had she been portrayed as a ball-bustin’ diva – we can leave that role to Jennifer Hudson. Hudson proved that she is a force to be reckoned with her first time out of the gate. Although a lot of credit was given to veteran Eddie Murphy for his portrayal of James Early, he was the character that least impressed me. His face is finally showing signs of aging and his vocal antics grated my nerves half-way into the screening. In all, the movie is definitely a must-see and worthy of a purchase-for-the-DVD-library. Hudson’s version of And I Am Telling You is no Jennifer Holliday’s 1980s soul wrenching belt-off, but it holds it’s own. The song that will leave you emotionally drained is Knowles’ Listen. The song defines the pivotal moment that sums up the story. It is a new addition to the Dreamgirls storyline and one that seals the deal to make this an overwhelming four-star picture.

On Blast
Black films (or films with primarily black casts) are usually snubbed at the award shows – even when the nomination nods run rampant. Lest we forget the 11 nominations The Color Purple had in 1986, when they walked away with none. How do you believe Dreamgirls will fair at the awards (Golden Globes & Oscars)? Who are you certain will take home an award?

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caspar608 said...

It is my feeling and belief that Beyonce Knowles is THE most beautiful woman that has ever lived - besides my mother and daughter of course.

And how the hell did Fantasia Barrino win and Jennifer Hudson lose?

And what diet did Jennifer Hudson go on to lose 6 sizes in three months?


R&B lover said...

Caspara I completely agree. I don't understand how Jennifer Hudson did not win American Idol. She was always my favorite. When she got voted off that night, I stop watching. Coco Rican you are also right about the song Beyonce sung call listen. I saw the original play of dream girls and Eddie Murphy did not do the role justice. I felt he made it to silly. Hudson new to the scene looked like a true vet. I was in awe, I hope she goes far and I plan on following her career and at my age becoming her biggest I plan on going seeing the movie again that's how much I enjoyed it. Oh yea Coco here's a question you could ask the blog. If you could sing the song Listen to one person who would it be and why. (Smile) Just a thought. Love you man and you have a Happy New Year. Peace and Blessings to everyone on the blog and Becareful, Be Safe and most of all Be Happy. From R&B Lover to you.

Cocoa Rican said...

I have to co-sign Caspar on this one… Beyonce was flawless in this film. True, I’m a fan, but this woman is hard pressed to take a bad shot. She is so incredibly beautiful in this movie that even scenes intended to make her look raw, give her a haunting beauty that is breathtaking.

Whew… got to love that Beyonce… anyway, Dreamgirls stands the greatest chance of snatching the Golden Globe for Hudson’s and Knowle’s performances, as well as Best Original Song for Listen. At the Oscars (assuming the same nominations are made) we can expect Best Original Song to stomp through… Hudson and Knowles are both not strong enough (or around long enough) to tug these away from the pros. I’m on the fence on whether Oscar would go home with Murphy because of his years of service and versatility.

Cheers to the weight loss in Hollywood… they are just on some different shyt. Well, although I’m not killing myself in 2007, we’re def getting’ on the ball with eating right and taking this physique down to where it should be. Nicole Ritchie… step back b*tch… I’m comin’ for you… LOL

Happy New Year to all! R&B you know…..

Anonymous said...

I too want to see the movie again. I saw the play and can't compare the two. Jennifer should definitly get an award if not for supporting actress at least for unexpectedly stealing the show. Bravo to the entire cast, even to goofie Eddie.

I keep saying I am going to the west coast to get a new body.

Peace and blessings to all in 2007


Anonymous said...

I think there should be a united black movie awards assembly. I also think there should be a united awards assembly for musicians. We need to stop expecting to hit it big with white people because we always walk away feeling bad each time. We have wonderful and talented people and they deserve an equal footing and chance at winning.

Jennifer Hudson is definitely a winner in my mind. She has contributed much in hardly no time.