Thursday, April 19, 2007

Morning Edition - 4/19/07

A Moment of Silence
Last night Sanjaya Malakar, the most talked-about American Idol ever, was sent packing. After his Tuesday night Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About rendition, America voted and agreed with Simon Cowell. As he cried on that stage it was like someone rubbed a lemon on my eyeballs…wait, I was squeezing a lemon into my Martini at the time…but I digress, my Golden Sunshine is no longer with us. Malakar managed to generate the most controversy when many felt his talent wasn’t up-to-par with the remaining competitors. There were hunger strikes, CNN news reports and even a Saturday Night Live skit dedicated to the 17-year old hopeful. Recently, while in the crowd at a baseball game, Malakar’s face was flashed on the screen. Reports indicate the crowd became belligerent and booed the youngster. He brought out the best and worst in so many and all he did was wear his hair a little different and sing meekly for the masses. If nothing else, my Golden Sunshine did one great thing; he gave us something to debate that was, in the big picture scheme of things, meaningless. Good bye my Golden Sunshine. May you shine your meek, manipulative light somewhere in our dark judgmental world.

On Blast
His alleged lack of talent had many Americans up in arms; I submit that there were other reasons and quirks that made some Americans very uncomfortable with Sanjaya Malakar. There were plenty of contestants in seasons 1-5 that were equally pitiful. What do you believe was the true controversy behind Sanjaya Malakar making it to the final seven on American Idol?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


KahluaLoverInVa said...

The true controversy was that he lacked TALENT honey...that boy was out of his league with the other contenders on that stage. I think he earned his spot initially with his audition performance, but after that, he slipped thru the cracks week after week based on millions of votes from teeny boppers and the like. Once the "controversy" got going then it was the "vote for the loser" votes that got him through. This show isn’t about finding someone with just looks and's primarily supposed to be about who's a strong performer and vocalist above all else. He just doesn't have it. Had he gone any further toward the final 2, let alone WON this competition (*gasp*) it would have disintegrated the credibility of this show. It was time for America to take this seriously and let him go home...hopefully with his pride still intact. ~Kahlua~

roughridertito said...

I can't comment on AI because I haven't been watching it since Tamyra Grey.

Leniere said...

I'm so glad you asked this question. This issue is also what prevented Clay from becoming the American Idol (and I'm not a Clay fan by the way). The true story behind Sanjaya and AI is that many people thought he was gay...and that made them uncomfortable. How dare he be gay AND unable to carry a tune?

Cocoa Rican said...

Add to that his coy androgyny and you had all the young girls swooning, the older ladies rolling their eyes, the gay men salivating and the straight men wondering why they wanted to look away, but couldn't. Sanjaya...he just made you want to pull some hair, lick some teeth and spank some azz... LOL

Darius T. Williams said...

Ahhh - the true controversy? It's so hard to say - with the way the American people up at arms one week and down in the dumps another - who knows, maybe the media helped - or the AI gods that exist somewhere. I remember someone had a sign in the audience that read "Sanjaya is my Papaya."

Honestly - I'm kinda sad he's gone - he made the show really interesting. Now, if came down to him and KiKi again- well, hey - Sanjaya, put on your uniform and fix me a big gulp...what aisle is the Orbit in again? Bubblemint please...

Naijadude said...

Since the top 24 , he survived it, I told a friend I can place a bet on you, this dude is going all the way close to Top 5.
He becomes so annoying every week when he comes on I just change the channel, but last night I saw how sad the guy is, how lonely he is....and when he was told he gotta go, I jubilated but when I saw his tears, I was moved,I felt bad.

WhozHe said...

I don't know if people didn't like him because he was gay or because he was not a very good singer, or both. All I know is that he's done nothing to deserve the boos at a ballpark or the hate aimed at him as he rose to the top seven. I wish him all the luck in the future.

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

I was so heartbroken. I actually had started to believe America was ready for a sensitive IDOL. He went out like a champ though, givin' em something to talk about other than 'hair'. You go boy. I love him even more now.

But fear of the homosexual is still stronger than ever. Golden Sunshine is just the latest casualty. But he's not going anywhere. The boy turned on the entire country, but only a few of us were able to admit it out loud.

He'll be just fine.

As for IDOL ... I'm over it now. Sanjaya was my only reason for watching, and since he's gone, I truly have better things to do.

I hope all Sanjaya fans stop watching the show, and be very vocal about why.

And as for those 30 million some odd voters who sent our boy packin' -- Kiss my Ass! Now you get the hum-drum, colorless, Sanjaya-free season you deserve.


Anonymous said...

I guess I am the voice of dissent. I couldn't stand
Sanjaya. My main reason was
that his talent did not stand
up to the other contestants. So week after week those who had far
better skills were sent packing.
I mean, I am STILL salty about
AJ Tabaldo leaving instead of Sanjaya. That said, I also had negative feelings about WHY he was still around. He was a joke to most of the voters ( only he wasn't in on the joke. BOO! So yep, when it came down to him or Kiki I was rooting for Kiki and I cheered when it was announced that he was going home....UNTIL I saw the tight embrace and his thin body shaking against Kiki. I knew he was crying before he pulled his head up. It was then that I was reminded that I was hating on a kid who just wanted to achieve his dreams and who, DESPITE all the negativity kept on smiling that big(creepy) smile. So while I'm glad to see him gone from the show, I wish him all the best.