Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Morning Edition - 4/25/07

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Are you running your race or are you one of the folks on the sidelines giving water to the passing runners? Both are important, but which do you identify with?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


roughridertito said...

I run the race but the rules are set by me, I determine when I win or lose. The Jones' are just a family, not a goal in my life. Friends are my pillars of strength and family is my foundation from which I built this house is brick not straw.

With me setting the goal and overcoming hurdle after hurdle, I will win this race so watch my smoke for I take no prisoners.

Adam said...


As I had computer problems, I didn't have a chance to respond to your post from yesterday. You can find it there now.

Although it may not have been specifically aimed at me, I did take some offense.


Thanks for giving us a forum where we can express our opinions.

Have a wonderful day, sweets.

Anonymous said...

its unfortuante that you are offended.


Anonymous said...

I am running the race and passing out water to the other runners from a supply I have in a bag on my back. I am prepared/armed for just about anything.

I live my life according to my own rules and beliefs.


Anonymous said...

I would really like to know which part was most offensive....

was it the question posed about the color of the skin of the people who are doing all the slaughtering in Darfur? Is that the offensive part?

enlighten me, please

Mr. Jones said...

I'd like to consider myself a runner, but I have to admit, I've been a watcher of late. I'm doing well, but could certainly be doing more to follow my dreams.

Your initial post was very thought-provoking.

Dayne Avery said...

Ooooooooooooooo I'm a runner. Thanks, that was a nice video. By the way that is a great pic of you on your page.

Cocoa Rican said...

Welcome aboard Mr. Jones...thanks Mr. Avery...long time no hear.