Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Morning Edition - 8/13/08

You Are 1: The Reformer

You're a responsible person - with a clear sense of right and wrong.

High standards are important to you, and you do everything to meet them.

You are your own worst critic, feeling ashamed if you're not perfect.

You have uncompromising integrity, and people expect you to be fair.

At Your Best: You are hopeful, honest, and inspiring. You bring out the best in humanity.

At Your Worst: You are intolerant, judgmental, and picky.

Your Fixation: Resentment

Your Primary Fear: Being corrupt.

Your Primary Desire: To be good.

Other Number 1's: Al Gore, Martha Stewart, Gandhi, Celene Dion, and Spock from Star Trek.


Darius T. Williams said...

I"m #3 - The Acheiever

That #6 question is funny as hell.

Ty said...

I AM 8: The Challenger

Jersey Brotha said...

I am #9: The Peacemaker

D.LavarJames said...

I'm #5: The Investigator

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised we got the same score and have the same personality?

One Man’s Opinion said...

I'll be damn if I didn't think I was reading about me. Then I took the test and found out that I am a number 4.