Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Morning Edition - 8/26/08

…and Back To Reality
Seven full days of fun and sun have me refreshed and feeling full – both physically and emotionally. Grand Cayman, Belize, Roatan (Honduras), Cozumel and Cancun (Mexico) were absolutely amazing. The splendor of the planet’s natural beauty in all its color and warmth were represented. Whether I was gazing upon the expanse of ocean around our cruise ship or taking-in the crystal-clear waters in Roatan, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of how small a speck we are in this world and yet each time I stared into the faces of the children in some of these third-world countries begging for a morsel of our undeserved riches, I felt ashamed at how much our privileged asses complain. This vacation was by far my best ever for so many reasons - not the least of which was the opportunity to appreciate my life TODAY. If I can leave each of you with a piece of advice, it would be to take some time to see the world outside of the U.S. and understand how truly blessed each of us are.

Oops, There Goes My Tooth…Oh My!
I chipped a molar and figured I’d wait to return from my cruise to get it fixed. Thanks to Cas I got an emergency appointment with her dentist. A few x-rays later and I was laying flat on my back with my anxiety-ridden fingernails boring holes into the sides of the dentist chair. Three Novacaine shots into the deal and the good doc was drilling in my mouth as he skillfully performed a root canal; patching it up until I return from my second vacation this Friday to Disney. I left his office with a grateful goodbye and the promise to see him after the Labor Day holiday. It was another two hours before I stared into my bathroom mirror in disbelief to realize that the good doc actually gave me a root canal on a molar at the back of my mouth, instead of the jagged molar that drove me to his office. I left a voice mail on his service explaining the ungodly mix-up and am waiting to hear what will be done to correct this freak show of a story. In all my years, I’ve yet to experience such a medical error. As I told Cas last night, “I feel like I went in to have my tonsils removed and got castrated!”

BD and Me
Following the untimely break-up of me and BD I suffered some serious depression. I wasn’t hungry, couldn’t sleep, but was sure I did the right thing by ending our relationship. More than anything, I miss my best friend. We were more than just lovers, we were the closest of confidants and not having him there to bounce anything off of was devastating. This Friday, BD, the Minnie and I set-out for our second Disney vacation. We’ve discussed the basics – including sleeping arrangements and my renting a separate car. Last night as BD and I talked about my recent cruise and our prep for Florida, there was a sigh of relief on both our parts that maybe – just maybe – our friendship may weather the storm and we can redirect our love into a connection that outweighs romantic entanglements.

On Blast
My tooth story is one that strikes panic. How can a mistake have such serious implication? Tell of a mistake you suffered that, to this day, makes you shiver in horror.

Keep passin’ the open windows….


KennonP said...

I'm simply amazed you can go on a trip with him. But then again you two are mature grown adults. My ex went and hid, would not speak..like the little bitch he is. How on earth did you go on that cruise and not think about him everyday or wish he was there? You must really feel good about the break up.... But why the vaction? Cant he take the mini with out you?

Cocoa Rican said...

Well Kennon, BD is as wonderful thru the break-up as he was in the relationship. I have to give it to him for consistency. My partners are also my friends, so they tend to remain that way when we're no longer together. Our vacation was planned almost a year in advance and the arrangements were made by me...I think we'll do okay and it shows maturity to just go and work thru it. Ultimately, I think we both want to remain friends so there is no tension.

Anonymous said...

BD betta reconize mang.

A good thing is a good thing.

At least he dont have to stalk you now boo ; )

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Hmmmmm interesting... I'd also suggest no wine after the minni is put down otherwise ya'll might THROW DOWN! LoL. Friends still do those kinda things. LoL.

Glad you enjoyed your cruise. Can't wait to see some of the pictures.


yet another black guy said...

You are so much better than me, there's NO way i could hang out with my ex after breaking up. N-E-V-E-R

Darius T. Williams said...

Um, aint' nobody answering that question, especially after you just told us u and BD and the minnie are going on another disney vacation. You can't sneak shit like this up on us...and you know that, right?

Um, I'm floored...

Joey Bahamas said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear you and BD are dealing well! Luv!!


Kensilo said...

It's good that you and BD can still remain friends. I hope that all 3 of you enjoy the Disney.

ShawnQt said...

I sooooo need a vacation out of this country! Cool that you guys are becoming friends.

Chet said...

Pleased to hear that your vacation (part 1) was a great experience and you are absolutely right we all need to visit other countries and far away places, oh do I love to travel and will be traveling again soon.

Damn man you have no idea how often dentist make mistakes, in fact I once had a tooth removed from the back of my mouth when in fact I had gone in just to have a filling replaced and no surgery or extraction was to be performed, to this day I still think about the mistake and I wasn't even compenstated for his error, you can imagine my dismay, and I certainly can imagine yours upon discovering the dentist error.

I respect you and BD for being man about this break-up and that you continue to perform and function as family.

Enjoy Disney!

anonymous1 said...

I need you to make your dentist pay. Seriously. There's no way he could've gone in and repaired the wrong tooth. Maybe he thought he saw something he didn't? Maybe the X-ray was put on the machine backward? Either way, it's malpractice. Pain and suffering and loss of wages are in order.

Oh, and have you checked out my new blog? lol