Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Be Kind; Be Honest

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Be kind, but be honest...What are your thoughts on the above video?
The boys are creative and appear to be having a great time, but I wondered who had the idea for the outfits. In '09 it's about freedom of expression and celebrating life without regard to labels and restrictive boxes.

Keep passin' the open windows...


Anonymous said...

WTFNESS to the millionth degree!!!???

All little kids who emulate Beyonce are food for the pedophiles. This video explains perfectly why so many members of NAMBLA and the common pedos and pervs from all around the world run to the Pillipines to engage in sex with children - especially little boys.

While I certainly can appreciate anyones ability to be creative, expressive - AN INDIVIDUAL - the adults who train children to girate and emulate adult behavior through song and dance need to have their lights PUNCHED OUT.

Little Miss Sunshine was one of my FAVORITE movies of all time because of the phenomenon occurring in which children are being exploited by their own parents...and no one is saying anything. Honey danced to "Superfreak" for a reason....


Joey Bahamas said...

I thought it was cute. Maybe I'm not old enuff to get into the outrage...those little boys were having fun and the audience was getting in. They seemed to be smiling throughout the whole thing.

Now, I get the significance of pedophilia and especially the traveling American and European men that go to that country to have sexual encounters with little boys. But, a choreographed dance by some very talented children shouldn't be the focus. The government's and society's failure to protect these children should be the focus.

Let the lil children get their lives...


One Man’s Opinion said...

What the hell. Only twenty four hours and they've already gotten rid of the damn video, so I can't comment on it.

You owe us a new post and I mean that. LOL

Cocoa Rican said...

Hmmm...I changed the video to this one, but the original was much better.

Anonymous said...

see, the new video showcases GROWN MEN doing the damn thing. And doing it well.

I just cannot get down with little kids dancing around like Beyonce.
Would it be proper for little kids to dance around like Madonna and sing LIKE A VIRGIN? I think not.

They pulled the House of Dereon ads with the little girls all dolled up like child prostitutes for a reason...the public spoke on the exploitation of little children.

The entertainment industry (inluding fashion) cares only

BE KIND: The little boys were beautiful.
BE HONEST: Totally inappropriate to have them dancing around like Beyonce for the pleasure of an adult audience.

Tiffanie said...

Be kind: They could dance.
Be honest: Their dance moves were completely inappropriate for their ages. My daughter is 10 and has never booty bounced or swiveled her hips in those manners.