Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It’s Official; August ‘09

Barring death and dismemberment – I say this because I may still bring the man’s ashes if he dies beforehand – BD, the Minnie and I will be moving to our new crib in August. As I crafted the letter to the management company informing them that I wouldn’t be renewing my lease in June and that I would need to have my current term extended two months to August, it hit me that it’s done. Not only is it out there, it’s in writing – for me, BD and hopefully NOT the courts to see. I say NOT the courts because although my letter is cleverly crafted, the truth is, my landlord has the option of saying he doesn’t wish to go month-to-month on my rent and can ask that I move at the end of June. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the rubber parts? The good thing is that I’ve ALWAYS been a model tenant, so at a time when many folks are struggling to pay their rent and stay in their apartments, my landlord need only consider that I’d like to pay him for two MORE months. There are only three BIG ticket items on our move-purchase list:
1. Washer/Dryer Set – pronounce ala Venus on Paris Is Burning
2. Formal Dining Room – we have a current kitchen pub set AND a family dining room, but want a formal dining room set
3. A Desk – we’ll have an office at the new house and want to be sure we use it. We’ve promised to keep work out of our bedroom and living room.
Our new place is a duplex with three bedrooms, an office, dining room and yard – with second-story deck. This affords us a guest room and a yard for the kid and dogs to play. I’m excited. The fears are gone; replaced by the realization that ’09 WILL be the beginning of my 40s AND the start of the rest of my life.

On Blast
What will you claim in ’09 that enhances who you are going forward?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Joey Bahamas said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! This is fab! I love the reference to Venus by the way.

In '09, I'm claiming fun...I want to have a good time. And, I'm claiming financial stability. Savings, 401K, are all in the works...with a lil spending money every month to drink and get life!


jerzey_reality said...

Im so happy for u...good luck with dealin wit the landlord..i know how they can be at times lol

This year im claiming my house...its time for me to get outta my apt lol

Jersey Brotha said...

I'm with Joey stability in 09 for sure!