Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cocoa Cure - 1st Ever Video Blog


On Blast
I have to be honest, videos and photographs aren't my thing, but technology will move forward - with or without us. In light of that, I've posted my first - of hopefully many- video blogs.
Do you find you are more critical and cruel with yourself OR do you enjoy an easy hand when judging yourself?

Keep passin' the open windows...


Ian (Darktomahawk) said...

yay! Video blogging...vlogging. Happy Pride Cocoa. I wish I was there with yall.

thegayte-keeper said...

I guess I need to move forward...

Caspar608 said...


Liza called, she wants a guest appearance on your show and she'll go for your jugular if you cut her off!!!

Ty said...

Yeah, some will take your business back to your hometown. LOL

BTW - Happy Pride

S E A N said...

Great addition to your stellar blog. And I have to say, you look great.
I hope we get to see some of that trademark humor that we've all come to love about you.

Love you!