Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Greater Than; Less Than

The past month has been a lesson in what I give greater importance to and what I simply could care less about. The one positive thing that came out of the death of one of my closest friends has been my drive to enjoy my life and see the beauty in things around me. I’ve had moments when I consciously look around and say, “Bobby you missed a great sunset today.” No matter what happens in my life, I understand that I’m so very blessed. A little over a week ago I mentioned that my new laptop arrived and that I was so excited about it. Today the laptop sits unopened; the box occupies my chaise lounge. I stopped and bought 3 new work outfits to fit my new larger frame – they hang in my closet; tags still on. My point is that I’ve been so blessed that even the things that would bring me great joy, now occupy a second-place to my need to be comfortable and live at my own pace. I take great pleasure on taking a long run at the gym, enjoying quiet time with my man and watching a movie with my Mini-Schnauzer Busta. If I didn’t know myself, I’d say I was somehow coming over another hill in my life; ahead are peaceful rolling plains. Do I think that all change is over in my life? Heck no. I’m celebrating some key positives – from my battling nicotine addiction and winning to returning to the gym and living a healthier life. My need to be 140 lbs is replaced by my greater desire to live every day like it’s my last; I now have the clarity to see what holds a greater place in my heart and all else is less than I care to invest my energy on.

On Blast
Life is as busy, fulfilling, exciting or relaxed as we want it to be. Whether we choose to be party animals or couch potatoes, we are the masters of our domain. Live your life fully.
Has there been an instance in your life that has made you appreciate your life for everything that it is?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Ty said...

Great post. Sometimes it takes a major disruption in your life to appreciate some things that you take for granted everyday. And then to find contentment in those, is a great thing. Viva y amar la vida.

yet another black guy said...

Death definitely has a way of putting things into their proper perspective. I hope that life finds you in good spirits and gets better for you.

bobbymo51 said...

I guess I've had a hard enough time of it that I'm usually counting my blessings EVERY day!
And one of the reasons that I continue toread your blog is that you are often right there, reminding me, once again, that our life is PRECIOUS!
A big THANK YOU to you!

Anonymous said...

I am Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney for an 60-ish woman who was my neighbor. This woman is cantankerous, a hypochondriac, complains incessantly and is often very hard to deal with no matter how pleasant I try to be. I started getting tired of her attitude and avoided her for months, I think it was even a year. I got a call from the Section 8 office who said they were unable to reach her, so I was really nervous and I ran over to her house...she was there, her crank ass self fine as can be.

We had some coffee...and she asked me why I avoided her. I told her the truth. She cried. And then she explained why she was the way she was...because she is all alone. She has no children, no family...everyone is gone. Thats why I am her Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney. SHe is all alone. It was at that moment I realized how lucky I was to have three children who may drive me crazy, but will be able to help me when I am older...and I have family who will help me too. I have a good life compared to a lot of other people. For that I am truly, truly blessed.