Thursday, September 20, 2007

Afternoon Edition - 9/20/07

Right or Righteous?
America is built on a policy of inclusion, opportunity and the celebration of diversity. Regardless of race, religion and most times, sexual preferences, Americans know that we are a country built on the freedom to be you and expressing your own personal beliefs. What happens when our core values are challenged by a hate-totting, terrorist-harboring tyrant who expresses an interest in taking a look at the effects of his wayward beliefs on our fair nation? Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be visiting New York City and the United Nations and requested a peek at Ground Zero. Ahmadinejad is said to be harboring bin-Laden’s son, has made threats against our nation and is in the process of making nuclear weapons. His very visit to the United Nations is to determine whether further sanctions should be waged against his historically terrorist country. Yesterday, the City of NY gave a resounding “NO!” to his request, but sources say he still intends to visit the World Trade Center site. Strangely, all heads of state are provided a secret service detail and Ahmadinejad will also have our men and women protecting his life while visiting our country. Will they accompany him – against orders – to Ground Zero? Stand back and watch this little fiasco unfold. Ahmadinejad is due to arrive in NYC on September 24th.

Buying the Cow
The old adage, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free,” is not as far-fetched as some will have you believe. For years I was the owned cow and gave some good milk, but then I decided the single life was working out for me well and besides, why should this cow be trapped grazing from one pasture when I could have several farms to feed from. In the end, I was creating a calcium-rich circle of farmers who never had to contribute to the well being of this cow. Well, you don’t stay young and beautiful forever and quite honestly, my udders were growing tired; not to mention the effort it was taking to shift gears between farms. In my effort to not belong to any one farm I was allowing myself to be milked dry by farmers who were simply out to get their next glass of milk from the next passing cow. Whether you believe you’re the farmer or the cow, there really isn’t a positive spin to the “gettin’ that cream” concept. See, as the cow, you are seen as an easy glass of milk. You’re allowed to graze a quick moment, but then you’re expected to move on to another pasture. As the farmer, you own nothing. You’re as likely to end up with a gallon of the white stuff or have to settle for a cup of water. I look at the set-up now and realize that yes, being the free cow has its benefits – no one farmer or pasture to be committed to – and its negatives – the realization that you’re not in the mood to put out some milk simply to get a good graze going. So where’s the balance? Recognize that the old cow is allowed to continue grazing long after she discontinues milk production – a sign of gratitude by the farmer who feels the years of service warrant letting the cow live-out her years in peace. As the farmer, recognize that you may not be able to tend to your cow the way you used to, but the fact that she comfortably sits in your farm buys you a chance at a glass of milk when no other roaming cows see a point in a pasture-less farm. The moral of the story is simple… A smart farmer will buy his cow, respect her needs and keep her happy because the reciprocated long-term benefits far outweigh the excitement of trying all the different milk presently available only to find you’re a bone-poor farmer hoping you don’t fall to pieces.

On Blast
Since America is built on the belief of freedom of expression and the like, are we guilty of going against our own fundemental values by denying Ahmadinejad free access to Ground Zero?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

I am going against my Christian beliefs by saying the following, but I feel the Navy SEALS should wait in the East River for his azz and pounce on him and chop him into little pieces. You know why? Because I am a REAL American.
And if you don't like it, go live in Iran or Iraq with this clown and Osamas seed and get stoned to death if you are a homosexual and wear a sack cloth and be treated like garbage if you are a woman.
You know why I say this....?
Because I am a REAL American. Thats why.
Let him see Ground Zero then put a bullet in his head..let a sharpshooter get him in the back of his head from the top of Century 21. I want the last thing for him to see is the remains of the World Trade Center. I want the rest of his ilk in the middle east to see what happens when you make a mockery of the good old U.S. of A. I want his body to lay in the street so that everyone rushing back and forth to work or home step over or on him. Let his filthy terrorist blood run into the sewer system of our great City with the rest of the crap and waste. I want to send the same message he and his terrorist garbage cronies are trying to send us...only more insulting.

Anonymous said...

doesn't anyone out there have ballz besides me?

Anonymous said...

the whole farmer and cow story has my head spinning right round baby right round...............

kennyking78 said...

What else do you expect our government to say to his arrival? I was not aware of the story, but I ask you the same question? I am more interested in what the people of New York think?

The cow and the farmer? I like the way you brought that one around!!!

Anonymous said...

The farmer and the cow... LOVED it!!!

Anonymous said...

If the cow and the farmer are both in agreement they both benefit from each other. The farmer gets his field kept neat and the cow gets her belly full to product milk. Its when this relationship is not beneficial to both farmer and cow when the field begins to either look over eaten or the grass gets too long.

I had a great cow for a period time, she grazed daily to her heart’s content and I was content with the way my field looked. It was when I learned that my cow was not only grazing in my field but wondering and grazing in other farmers’ fields, as well, is when ugliness reared its head. I was surprised because the cow didn’t appear overgrown from all the grazing but, it was true. She was chomping on a lot of grass and producing many gallons of milk to which, others were benefiting and evidently she was too. I had a stern talking to my cow and asked “what do you want?” she mooed a lot and said that my field was best but, those were only moo’ings to keep her fields alive and well.
My cow as since learned my field was indeed the best kept farm that provided all the necessary nutrients to satiate her ravenous appetite but now, I’m in the mood for many different cow to maintain my field. I like the unique design that each cow can lay on a patch of field. I love the different flavored milk that each cow and provide from eating the same grass and the others. Some produce chocolate milk, others product, believe it or not, soy milk and still others product 1 and 2%.
I had no idea that so much milk could be produced with great taste. At this point in my life, I’m loving the fruits of my well maintained field and have no desire to rid my farm of the over abundance of cow grazing in my on it.

fuzzy said...

If it is a threat to the public's safety then we're safe denying anything! I believe this country has been too "free". Too many things have been allowed. People have gotten too comfortable. I say what this country needs is a nice whip to crack us back into shape!

Kyon Saucier said...

The President of Iran has nothing to do with 911. I think maybe the Iranian President might have some intersting things to say. Some of the same things that America accuses others of are things our nation has done. Especially in Iran.

For those of you who are not sutdents of hisotry the Iranian Revolution of 1979 could not have taken place if the USA had not supproted the Shah who as a tryant, butcher, and bloosucker of his own people. Why not let him speak?

No I do not like the things Iran does but I certainly don' think that we or the Iranian People need anymore tension between us. I don't want WWIII and if this will help foster understanding why not. At the end of the day we are all people.

yet another black guy said...

you know i was of the same mind frame as the first comment until i read it. regardless of another country's barbaric tendencies, we can't just go looking to send a message. especially, if we don't have all the facts of the situation. i say tell him he is not allowed into the US. if he violates, lock him up.

the farmer and cow story was on point!