Monday, September 24, 2007

Morning Edition - 9/24/07

Driving NY Citizens Crazy
Now you don’t have to be a legal American citizen in New York State to acquire a driver’s license. In an effort to bring down automobile insurance rates and identify ALL drivers, NY Governor Eliot Spitzer announced a new law that would allow illegal immigrants who present a photo passport, with a NYS driver’s license. The new program is said to bring the, close to one million, illegal immigrants in NYS out of the shadows. As many of you will recall, the 9/11 terrorist also had legal driver’s licenses that facilitated their renting cars and booking flights that ultimately cost legal citizens their lives. The new license policy is set to go into effect in December 2007.

Silent Forever; Saying Nothing Never Sounded So Good
Marcel Marceau, world renowned Mime legend, has died. The French-Jew was 84 years old. Inspired by such legends as Charlie Chaplin, Marceau created his alter-ego Bip in 1947. He went on to perform his silent art for such luminaries as Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Married three times and survived by four children, Marceau was said to be very talkative when not performing his Mime act. He was even quoted as saying, “Once you get a Mime to talk you can’t get him to shut up.” No funeral plans have been made as yet.

A Time To Chill
BD and I shared a magnificent weekend of “we” time. Far from lacking spontaneity, BD and I spent the weekend together, setting only the framework of meals and movies at home. The rest of the romance-filled spontaneity was up to our imaginations. It’s my opinion that regardless how long a relationship has been going on, it’s important to make time to ignite the flame of intimate sharing. Many times we lose sight of the many things that brought us to our mate and neglect the romance, silliness and fun that builds the intimacy foundation in our relationship. It is the lack of this bonding that can allow for the distraction of either or both partners. BD and I chose shared cooking experiences, sensual massages and a physical boundary exploration mission – don’t ask – to make our time to chill hot and relaxing. After dropping BD at his crib last night he sent me a text that said, “Thanks for a magnificent weekend, I’m drained! LOL” To which I responded, “Just walked the dog and getting in the bed…I can’t keep my eyes open. Love you…”

On Blast
It’s a catch 22 scenario to provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. On the one-hand we are able to document all the drivers on our state’s roads, but on the other hand, we are providing a nationally acceptable legal document to use for other purposes.
Do you believe that NYS’ opinion of the greater good being served by documenting and providing licenses to our illegal immigrants increases or undermines national security?

Keep passin’ the open windows...


life said...

You're just having a ball and that's what it's all about. Keeping enjoying yourself

Anonymous said...

Glow of Love - Luther Vandross

Thats your song for today. There will be a quiz : )


Kensilo said...

I dont think this will help. But there will be more crazies on the road driving you off it. So much has already fallen through the cracks when it comes to National Security.

Marcel Marceau was also a Holocaust survivor. He lived a long time.

You and BD enjoyin those weekkend rendezvous. *handz clappin*

Darius T. Williams said...

Of course it undermines national security. Just my opinion...but you should be a legal citizen first.

Mr. Jones said...

Was that the debut of the 'L Word'? Or have you said it before?

yet another black guy said...

i think the gov't is trying to get slick about catching illegal immigrants. i just hope they concentrate on all of them, not just the ones that look like you and me.