Thursday, September 06, 2007

Evening Edition - 9/6/07

When You Wish Upon A Star
My Florida vacation ended this morning and all I can think about is that I don’t know how I will return to my usual day-to-day after enjoying such bliss. Everything that could go right did and the little things that could easily have gone wrong never materialized. BD was amazing – romantic, attentive and oh-so-beautiful, while the Mini and I bonded like best friends on a playground. What made me and the Mini’s interaction even more great was that it was effortless. The Mini proved to be brilliant beyond his years and his sporadic comments that included: walking between BD and I holding our hands and saying, “We’re a family,” or surprising BD and I with Oscar trophies at a gift shop – BD’s read, “World’s Greatest Dad,” while mine read, “World’s Greatest Boyfriend.” I said, “Stop being silly boy,” but BD and I looked at each other like, “Wow, the kid is perceptive and thoughtful.” We took Disney World and Universal Studios by storm and had a couple of ‘family’ pool days. The Mini lost his fear of the water and he and BD even managed to wrestle my bathing suit off and videotaped a segment they entitled, “The naked guy in our pool.” It was very funny, and not the least bit humiliating; it even brought out some I’m-completely-at-ease-with-you fun. The highlight of the trip for me was sitting and watching the park-closing When-you-wish-upon-a-star fireworks show at Disney with BD and the Mini at my side. As the words softly echoed in my ears and the boom from the display lit the sky my eyes filled with tears…my dreams really did come true. So, I looked up and closed my eyes, the warm stream drifting back to my ears and made one more wish. If it comes true, I’ll always be as happy as I am today.
My picture taking was sporadic and I’m still wrestling with what photos would be appropriate to share; ie. I don’t want the Mini exposed throughout the world wide web.

Yet Another Black Guy? Nah, He’s The Man
While visiting the Sunshine State, I thought I’d take a moment to visit one of my favorite bloggers, Yet Another Black Guy, a.k.a. Royce. I’ve read his blog, The Excitable Bore, for a while and it seems that the brotha’s exploration and development are sincere, raw and endearing. Anywho, I called Royce shortly before my departure and quickly mentioned that it’s sad that so many of us read each other’s blog everyday – well everyday we write – but never make an attempt to make a physical connection. The truth is, we share so many personal tid-bits that sometimes our blog readers are privy to lots of information that may not be readily available to a lot of our friends. Royce turned out to be a sincere funny man and someone that instantly gave me a sense that we were old ‘boyz’ kickin’ it and laughing at so many ironic stories. With my tight schedule, I missed the opportunity to meet Royce face-to-face, but have extended the invitation for him to visit NYC and crash at my humble crib when he’s ready. Fo’ the record Royce, you sound like a lot of fun - an intelligent and down-to-earth brotha. Don’t be so hard on yourself and others in your dating quest. To me it would just take you being yourself for the right guy to do the right thing.

On Blast
Do you feel that your consistent blogger reads are folks you would want to know –in person – or would you rather keep your interaction strictly virtual?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...


1. keep all the photos to yourself. I'm telling you I dont trust the kids. They dont need to see your man or his child. :)

2 as for meeting folks, its on a case by case basis, no blanket policy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, PS

Congrats, I'm happy for you. You have hit the "Man lottery" now keep it to haters will hate.

Anonymous said...



yet another black guy said...

I got a shout out! WHAT?!! okay, lemme stop clownin'. on the real, it was just crazy fun talking on the phone with you man. for real, i was laughing my ass off both times. dude, i promise i'm coming to NYC!

though i'm a bit of a cornball, every person's blog that i read, it feels like i know them already. most have pics, so it's not like they're some mystery writers. i AM definitely down to meet my fellow bloggers.

That Dude Right There said...

I'm so glad that the "Fam" had a great time in Disney World. Every family should take a trip there at least once while the kids are still kids.

As far as meeting bloggers, I like to meet all of them that I read. I hope to meet Mr. Jones while I am here in Baltimore.

Joey Bahamas said...

Yesssss for the Disney ending. It seems as if the Princess has found her Prince (I won't assume who is the princess and who is the prince) and the white horse is waiting in the gleeming sunset...I'm so happy that this turned out well..

Everyone's blog I read regular I think I would hang out with and eventually become friends with...I even think a couple of ummm are cute!

Darius T. Williams said...

Whatever - forget kennonpurdy (not for real), I wanna see pics. You can e-mail them to me, I'm living vicariously through you - so, I wanna enjoy my pseudo vacay as well.

Anyway - yea, I'd love to meet my readers face to face. Like you - I'm so mad that I ran into you AFTER I left NYC. But I met some cool NYC bloggers, Smiling DL, ShawnQT, Oman Ramon, Ty, DL Briggs, No4Real, Stephen Jordan - I met quite a few and hand a good time - oh, I even hung out w/Larry Lyons and Nathan "7" Scott one time.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Kennon Purdy ... I don't trust too many of the kids my damn self and would show no photos of my man to them. As for meeting bloggers there is one who came through DC who reads my blog (I post on Xanga) and we actually had great time at dinner. He was handsome and charming and came across just as he does in his posts. It's not something I'd do on the regular though. The celebrity bloggers, quite frankly, I can do without and would have no desire to meet - most of them are little more than name-dropping, photo-op seeking, accolade hungry queens. I think the only one I'd really wanna meet would be Rod, because I love Rodonline. Very informative and newsy ... and he nor his commenters get into the bitchy cattiness that mars the other boards, IMHO. I think he has the best black gay news blog going. Notshady is one of the personal blogs I read most though - you are consistently interesting and entertaining! :-)

EsLocura said...

I like meeting new people in person when I can and once I am sure they aren't stalkers or worse. I'm still pissed I didn't meet you in PR last trip, damn it.

am thrilled to hear about the trip, I just love a love story. (I want pictures but admire your need to protect the little man.)

life said...

You are just living it up!!! Go head

WhozHe said...

Your description of your vacation in Florida was like a Calgon moment for me. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

I think the only blogger I wouldn't want to me is The Captain. And I'm sure he doesn't want to meet me.

Mr. Jones said...

I'm not concerned about my pics being on the internet. I know some people are, but I'm not too concerned. I would leave the kid out though.

I want to meet most people who respond regularly to my blog.

So far, I've only met That Dude Right There who is cool as hell. We had lunch and conversation that wasn't awkward at all. I'm sure YABG and I will meet some day.

And New York is too close for us not to meet up when I'm there next.