Friday, August 31, 2007

Morning Edition - 8/31/07

T’Was the Night Before Disney
BD has proven he’s the planner in this team. The man has managed to secure tickets, prepare an itinerary, pack (for himself and the Mini) and schedule matching grooming appointments for him and the little one. On the other hand, I have groaned about my cold, rummaged through my dresser drawers and found lint in my belly button; all to say, I’ll be doing the night-before-the-trip twilight packing I seem to do before each of my excursions. Also, I’ve begun letting the scattered, salt-and-pepper bird’s nest I call hair begin to grow in. It’s apparent that I have to stop at the nearest barbershop and get someone to shape-it-up before I head out; otherwise I have to resort to shaving it off again. In light of the fact that I promised to let it grow following my Great-at-38 birthday trip, I better keep to my word and just get cleaned up. To be honest, I’m excited and scared. It’s our first real vacation together and more important, our first vacation as a “family.” BD seems a lot more settled and comfortable with the idea of us traveling as a unit than I do. For me it just feels odd in that I’ve never really been in a relationship that involves a child. Rather than plan one of my bang-up romantic getaways, I find myself planning for us as a threesome. It’s a completely new concept for me and one that I’m not an expert on. Luckily, our accommodations will have a pool, hot tub and PS2 access which should keep the little one busy, but this doesn’t mean that I’m not considering how we will spend this extended “quality” time together. Then there’s the question of sleeping arrangements; the Mini is only eight and will probably be afraid his first night away from home, so I’ve surmised that BD should probably put him to bed first and attempt sneaking in with me afterward. Also on my what-if list is what to do if the little one wakes up frightened at night and wants his daddy. Do I just let him crawl between the two of us to find comfort? Just kidding…but the question of what to do if the kid wakes up at night has crept into my thoughts. I really want to know what BD has up his sleeve. All said, it’s bound to be an amazing trip. My adrenaline is pumped and I’m ready to have a ball with both my boyz. Both BD and I are taking our cameras to capture this moment in our history. Hopefully I can share many of these with my blogger family, but in real celebrity fashion, I’d like to keep the Mini out of the spotlight.

9-4-69; T-Day
My girl Treavor – that’s right, I said girl! – celebrates her birthday this holiday weekend. One month my junior, Ms. T resides in Harlem, USA. We know each other since I was 17 – though she probably doesn’t realize this today. Treav and I met through her brother, one of my oldest friends in the world, blogger’s own J’Moo. Happy birthday girl! For the record, Ben Gazzara is a good actor!

And I Thank You
Many times we don’t take the time to say thank-you to folks who make a difference in our lives. We sure as hell take the time to bad-mouth, gossip and berate everyone who gives us grief, but what about sharing some words of appreciation? Well, once a month, I want to commit to sharing words of appreciation for someone who has a positive impact on my life – whether or not they realize they’ve moved me. The first person I’d like to start this honor scroll with is Alan F. My boy Alan stepped in and offered his crib in Florida without a moment’s hesitation and has done so much since his self-less gift that I am speechless and awe-struck at his ability to give. For the record, he has renewed my belief in friendship. He was never asked to give – he just did. Most of all, he made this historical moment in my life memorable for yet another reason – the beauty of true friendship. Thank you Alan. May God bless you 10-fold for giving and expecting nothing in return. I love you for making my life better.

On Blast
The concept of Pay-It-Forward was widely discussed at the time of the Helen Hunt movie, but the true act of paying-it-forward seems to have lost momentum. To do something unexpected for someone and want nothing in return is the true meaning of giving. It isn’t calculated or an attempt to grandstand.
What have you done/given that falls into the category of paying-it-forward? Has Karma/God/etc. brought the blessing back to you?

Keep passin’ the open windows…

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Anonymous said...

God Bless you... A vacation with a 8 y/o is no vaction I want to be on. Can he get his own room at 8?

mzblackice2003 said...

Aww, Hector stop worrying. All will be fine. Enjoy Florida!

Kensilo said...

LOL!! not lent in my belly button!!

Once you head to the barber's take a pix of your new do, we would like to see the new you. Enjoy your disney trip with BD and Mini and everyting will work out even the sleeping arrangements.

Happy B-day to your girl!

Every time I do a selfless act a blessing always come back to me. You would be surprised that even when you are not expecting anything, good always comes my way. You reap what you sow. Wheather it's in a good way or bad. The only way to know if it works is to try it. Theres no harm in trying.

Anonymous said...

I won a Pay It Forward campaign through my employer and I am using the money (or have already executed my proposal) to launch a major fundraising campaign for the most successful prominently African American all boys school in Harlem. Sadly, this school is on the verge of financial ruin because of indifference. I will not let it do gently into that good night. I truly feel, like the Blues Brothers, that I am on a mission from God.
Keep me and this wonderful institution in your prayers as I embark on a journal to save the world!!!! 330 students currently reside at this school....imagine how many lives each of the individuals who graduate can impact in a positive way. Thats really paying it forward : )

Hector, for the love of God will you not'll have a BLAST!!!! Maybe this is a test to see how kid friendly you are! Maybe BD wants to see if you can be selfless and just hang for the little guy for a few days?

WHatever the case may be, I want you to have fun...and give a pound to my boy goofy : )


Joey Bahamas said...

I totally believe in it, as a matter of physics...every action has an opposite and equal of those laws...

Anyway,the trip to Disney is going to be Fab...I wish I was traveling this weekend!!!

...and, did he just say Hector...

yet another black guy said...

Man, i know you're going to have a blast cuz you're one of the funniest MF's around! i'll make sure to have my cam with me for maximum foolishness.

fuzzy said...

I'll look forward in appreciating those photos with you. You are absolutely correct about the showing thanks thing. PPl are always so filled wih turninng over the next news story, but this is a step in the right direction!

Mr. Jones said...

Have fun. Good luck with the kid.

Darius T. Williams said...

Pay it forward...kinda how I feel right now. Anyway - I always pay it forward - it's not just a special event for me, it's a way of living...a lifestyle.

Mr. Jones said...

I've been checking in all day for an update.

For some reason I really wanna know how everything (hint, hint, wink, wink) worked out with the kid and all.