Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Morning Edition - 8/29/07

Every Breath I Take
Just when I thought my end-of-summer cold had subsided, it has taken an odd turn that has left me feeling weak, irritable and touchy. I have a regular allergist appointment tomorrow and plan to bleed the doc for some remedy to this situation – especially in light of my upcoming Disney trip. Yesterday while at the two-mile mark of my three-mile run, I got a stabbing pain in my right lung; which only means that I probably shouldn’t be doing such strenuous exertion while phlegm fills half my lungs. All said, even when under the weather I tend to feel better when I work out. God forbid I should have my mental obesity issues creep in to make me stress. On a positive note, BD is hard at work at the gym as well. While I take on the lunch-time workout, BD has been tackling the crack-of-dawn exercise. As I mentioned to him Sunday, his body is already showing signs of a man who’s breaking-it-down. I’m very proud of him. We’re now on countdown to Disney…I will drag myself with Goofy on my back (if necessary) to enjoy this trip!

Trouble On Easy Street
Leona Helmsley, crowned the Queen of Mean for her “Only the little people pay taxes,” comment years ago, died in Connecticut earlier this month. The hotelier was known for not taking any crap and running an empire with an estimated value in the billions. Her will was recently read and it appears Trouble, her trusted white Maltese (a dog the size of my right ass cheek) stands to inherit $12 million. In close second place are two grandchildren who were left $5 million a piece, if – and only if – they visit their father’s grave once every calendar year; otherwise they don’t get a penny. Two of her other grandchildren got nothing; a note in her will says, “For reasons known to them.” Her chauffeur received a paltry $100,000 and the remaining monies will be allocated to the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust Fund.

Double Vision Quick Fix
Twin brothers Tyron and Tyrell Hill, 11, of Penn Hills – a suburb of Pittsburg, PA – were victims of a tragedy allegedly at the hands of their 18-year old brother Troy Lavelle Hill. The grandfather, Lovette Williams, who found Tyron dead and Tyrell wrapped in a blood soaked blanket in the attic, says Troy had been suffering from depression and mental issues. Tyrell identified Troy as the attacker. Now police are combing the area looking for the older Hill. Williams says that he may survive if his grandson Tyrell does. He moved to be with his grandchildren and is now horrified by the tragedy.

On Blast
Should probate law be changed to give precedence to surviving human relatives over family pets and charitable organizations regardless of the wishes of the wealthy deceased?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

someone should stomp that fecking dog to death so Leona can do the electric slide in the grave next to that horrible Harry bastard man

Mr. Jones said...

I'm a social liberal. I think the government is already too involved in the lives of its citizens as is. I think that would open up quite the can of worms. I think that slope is a little too slippery to even consider going up.

That Dude Right There said...

Her Dog, her money. She did with it what she wanted to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Well what happens to the 12 mil after the dog bites it?

yet another black guy said...

while it seems a bit odd for her to do what she did, i concur with the MJ and DUDE. besides, most of us have issues with relatives that would prolly make us want to exclude them from something.

still, 12M to a damn dog?!! damn, i can only imagine what the "gardner" got!

Darius T. Williams said...

it's a hard call to answer your question, partly because hell, my peeps never had any money to leave behind. But, giving the dog 12 mil is a lot of dough.

With goofy on your back (if necessary)?!?! I caught that!

Kensilo said...

I hope you feel much better. Dang, I wish I was that dog. 12Mil. Who is the owner of the dog now that the original owner is now deceased? And does the new owner get the 12 mil if time should aspire on him? Congrats to the dog, I guess.