Monday, August 13, 2007

Morning Edition - 8/13/07

Everything Done In the Dark
Since my not-so-squeaky-clean past, I now live in truth – especially when the laws that govern life dictate that somehow what we do in the dark will come to light. So, as I watched Leroy Greer’s NBC Today Show appearance this morning, I was embarrassed for him. Mainly because he hasn’t come to the realization that whether he’s wrong or right, he’ll ultimately be viewed as an ass. As the story goes, Greer was in the midst of a divorce when he decided to send his then girlfriend a dozen roses using 800-Flowers. He alleges, asking and double-checking that no receipts, information, etc. would be sent to his residence where he lived with his wife. To his horror, he says 800-Flowers sent a Thank-You card that was received by his wife. She called 800-Flowers asked for the receipt of the transaction and – BAM! Affair revealed! Now, Greer’s wife is adding infidelity to the divorce – a tidbit that has added another $300 thousand dollars to her settlement request. Greer is suing 800-Flowers for $1 million dollars citing pain-and-suffering among other charges.

Mixing Our Coloreds
BD and I have moved to stage 2 of this whole thing called dating and laughed as we planned to do our wash tonight. He asked if I would be mixing my color wash with his and I warmly agreed the idea seemed like a great one. So I’m packing my color clothes basket, some sandwiches and playing cards as we hit the Laundromat for a spin-cycle kind of evening. I warned him that I would be taking a Ziploc bag to keep one of his well-worn drawers for sleep-and-sniff value. Yeah, yeah…I’m a freak of sorts.

Toning for Sissies
I’m not one for heavy weight-lifting and never was a fan of bulging muscles – on myself or others. I do, however, love a toned body and concentrate on my cardio and the crunch, pull-ups (chin-ups) and very basic circuit training. I’ve begun increasing my weights on many of the circuit training and the intensity that I do the pull-up repetitions for. I’m pleased with the results, but my recent days off to vacation and enjoy my birthday have me slightly pained and winded. I’m back in there full force now and hope to get back on track to enjoying the workouts. BD called me this morning to mention that he’s considering joining my gym and I’m glad he’s considering working out. I enjoy his body all the same, but I think he’d feel more comfy with himself if he began breaking it down; besides, I’d like to see him huff-and-puff from another angle.

On Blast
Leroy Greer is not the only infidel in America, but he’s likely to find he will be tried in the court of public opinion before his case finds resolution.
Do you believe 800-Flowers is at fault for divulging info to the Greer household or do you believe the point is moot, since Greer was engaged in a deceptive affair?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Mr. Jones said...

The company is at fault. Regardless of whatever he was doing, the company should not have sent the card. In fact, I don't even think they should have complied with the wife's request for a receipt. As for the wife, you look for a snake and you'll get bit. Plain and simple. As for the husband - shit happens.

Doing laundry together is a big step. Joining the same gym is a big step too. Congrats.

Darius T. Williams said...

Ah - the point is moot. At Madea once said, "What doesn't come out in the can catch in the lint cycle."

Anonymous said...

Hells yeah the company was wrong. Their policy is to maintain the privacy of their transactions and what they did went against that policy. They are just going to have to take their knocks in court on this one. The company really should be finding the employee who sent the card. If anyone is at fault, it is the negligent employee.

Anonymous said...

whoa whoa whoa...
Why is the company responsible for covering up a cheating mans booshit?
First, he shouldn't have ordered the damn flowers in the first place. spend the money on your family before you spend the money on an outsider, infidel.
Second, it is not the company's JOB to keep track of his dirt and not send out cards.
If he didn't order the flowers he wouldn't have received the card.
If it is standard practice for a company to send out a thank you card - at least companies with CLASS - then a lowlife scumbag who cheats on his wife should not be an exception to corporate policy.
His wife is ENTITLED to his financial information. That includes whatever he orders with his credit card. If he had bad credit, her credit would be affected as well. Good for her that she found out about his dirty deeds. Hopefully he isn't also on the down low and gave her SYPHILLIS while he was carrying on sending gifts to his paramours.
And just as there are companys with employees who fail to kneel to the demands of customers, there are HUSBANDS who fail to meet the demands of their MARRIAGE VOWS...some of your responses explain, in a nutshell, why many people should not be afforded the sanctity of marriage when they place the blame of their inability to be faithful on the messenger.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2:57

I might be inclined to agree with you if it were not for the fact that the company policy (as reported in a news article on the issue) actually states that they will maintain privacy on all transactions. This is the main claim of the guy's lawyer especially since he asked specifically not to be contacted or have information given out. It may be immoral to cheat and we may all want the cheater to get his in the end but, ultimately, the company violated their own policy.

That Dude Right There said...

Do you really think that his dumb ass asked that nothing be sent to his house? He only said that shit after he got caught If he paid for it with a credit card, the charge would have shown up on the statement anyway.

And as far as the company being at fault for his divorce, hell no. That's between him and his wife. The bastard was cheating after all.

Now, if 1-800-Flowers violated it's own privacy policy by sending the thank you note to his home, then they owe him. But he will have to prove in a court of law that he asked for items to not be sent to his home.

The company was right for sending the wife the receipt. It was paid for with their joint credit card account. That entitled her to a copy of anything that was purchased on it.

And the only pain that he is suffering is the pain of losing this divorce battle. Now where is the little tramp that he was cheating with? Can the wife sue her for being one of the causes of their divorce.

yet another black guy said...

wait, wasn't he already going through the divorce before the flower incident? IF he actually requested no receipt or card, then the company is at fault. i don't feel sorry for him though, he just wants to save money. should've thought about that while he was sleeping around.

Anonymous said...

If you move down get a washer/dryer in your house! LOL

Anonymous said...

What ever the case sending flowers to the "other woman" is big business, and every cheating dog in America will no longer use that company!!

Kensilo said...

The only way I see 800-flowers at fault is by acknowledging to not send any contact information such as receipts, card information, etc (which I guess was a verbal agreement). So they just might be in for a ride at the court house.