Friday, August 17, 2007

Morning Edition - 8/17/07

Fast Forward; ‘Til Death Do Us Part
Stanley Reimer was stressed and tired, but also financially strapped when he decided his wife’s $700-$800 weekly medical bills were draining him as badly as her uterine cancer had deteriorated her to 75lbs. So, Reimer allegedly walked wife Criste to their fourth floor balcony and threw her over the side to her death below. Now, he’s being held at a Kansas City, Missouri prison on $250,000 bail pending his trail for murder.

Entrapment or Facilitation?
In criminal law, entrapment basically means that you are induced or persuaded by law enforcement to commit a crime you had no previous intent to commit. Now, 12 residents in the Rehoboth, Maryland beach area are trying to prove that they are being entrapped by local law enforcement and charged with lewd conduct, indecent exposure and other petty crimes. One group of gay men says that a 21-year old officer, dressed in shorts, approached them after the local bars closed at 1 a.m. As the officer made small-talk and flirtatious comments, several in the group became interested and found themselves dateless and with a court case when the officer allegedly labeled their reciprocal banter into an unsolicited advance incident. Local gay groups have not addressed the charges by the community that they are being targeted.

The ‘L’ Word
I’ve never been comfortable with tossing the ‘I love you’ line around freely. Even with friends, the line is said with great caution and only if I really feel it. I’m a firm believer that if I use the words in an empty attempt to ingratiate yourself with someone, the words will somehow lose their validity. I need them to mean something – to me and to those I say them to. That said, BD and I are dancing around the words like finalists on Fox’ aptly name show. A couple of days ago while at the gym I was pushing him really hard to complete his dip sets and when he came off the equipment he gave me a dirty look and said, “I’m hating you so much right now.” In an attempt to lighten the mood and as a knee-jerk reaction, I heard myself say, “Awww pa, don’t be mad, you know I love you.” I never looked in his direction again and simply jumped on the equipment to take on my last set of dips. Since then, I never mentioned the incident and hope that, unlike me, he’s not thinking of it. I want the first time that I say those words to him – and hopefully it will be soon – to be special (even sweaty) but not as a means to encourage him through a strenuous workout at the gym.

On Blast
In your opinion which of these constitutes entrapment:
1. A $100 bill is left at the bank counter when you approach the teller to make your transaction. It is clearly unattended and within your reach. You take it and place it in your pocket. You are arrested for bank robbery. (Entrapment?)
2. While using the bathroom, a man makes idle conversation with a man at the urinal next to his. He casually looks down at his urinal-mates penis, but never makes a comment about it. The urinal-mate reaches down and touches the man’s penis. (Entrapment?)
3. Your partner disrespects you in front of your friends and family while at a dinner party completely humiliating you. Since you are sitting adjacent to your partner, your reaction is to slap them across their face, busting their lip. They call the police and you’re arrested for assault. Your partner had the incident planned all along. (Entrapment?)

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

As for "On Blast" None of them are...Its all on you!! 1. You know the 100 bucks is not yours, so dont take it! 2. I dont make or accept idle chatter at urianls....just dont do it. 3. I would never be with a man that would do anything like that, and if one did slip through cracks I would not have to hit him, my would have put his ass out at the first sign of foolishness!!

Kensilo said...

I feel for the older man and his wife. Sad event that took place in their life which leads up to a tragic one.
Say it not so about the incident at Rehoboth Beach, Me and friends are suppose to head up their for Labor Day Week. I guess I have to watch what I say, LOL!!

A means for entrapment? is #3. He deserved it. And WAIT til I get out of jail there will be more to come .. lol.

That Dude Right There said...

As for Mr. Reimer, I can only imagine how he was feeling. It's a tremendous burden to take care of a terminally ill person. But as for ending the person's life, that's up to God, not me.

As for the Rehoboth beach group, that was clearly entrapment, no question about it. But why do people fall for shit like that? All the more reason to not talk to strangers.

As for the 'L' word, if you love him and you know it, what's wrong with saying it.

On Blast:

1: Clearly that's entrapment. You never intended to "steal" the money and never would have thought about it if it had not been there.

2: That's not entrapment, it's just stupidity. When people talk to me at a urinal, I don't respond.

3. It's not entrapment because the police are not involved in the planning. But we would have to leave immediately. And I would tell my folks to pass around the collection plate.

yet another black guy said...

if you're dating anyone and it gets physical, ya'll shouldn't be together in the first place.

and that slip of the tongue might've just been a slip of the heart.