Friday, August 24, 2007

Morning Edition - 8/24/07

M-I-C; See Ya’ Real Soon
With the summer coming to a close, BD and I wanted to do something that would close the season with a sizzle and turn the heat up on our last official summer weekend. We found them both in our upcoming trip to Disney. We’ll be leaving for Orlando on Saturday, September 1st and stay through the 5th. A very special thank-you to my boy Al. A trusted friend with therapist-like qualities, Al has offered to let BD, the Mini and I stay at his beautiful second home minutes from Disney. The tickets are purchased, the car rental is reserved and we are ready to have an amazing time where we can all be kids by day and BD and I can be naughty boys by night. Last night we spent the evening planning the parks we would visit and the places we’d like to see. This trip marks our first getaway together and our first jaunt as a threesome. The Mini could hardly contain himself when BD told him of our plans. I found myself stirring my coffee and practicing, “I’m going to Disneyworld!”

On Blast
This summer I moved into my new crib, opened myself up to romance and enjoyed the company of magnificent friends. I certainly feel the summer jump-started my heart again.
Off the top of your head, what is most memorable about your summer 2007?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Tiffanie said...

The memorable experience I've had this summer was spending a long weekend with my best and closest cousins in the whole wide world. ( It's our first annual gathering and we had so much damn fun. This year it was in Atlanta, next year Caribana in Toronto!!!

yet another black guy said...

yay, for you! i'm in Orlando, holla at me when you come down!!

Anonymous said...

taking my first trip on a plane with my life long friend.

if I was going to go down in flames, I would rather burn to a crisp laughing : )


Darius T. Williams said...

It's really hard to say - I've done so much over the summer too. Thanks for this post man - this just inspired my next one. My answer will be mixed up in there somewhere! Have fun on the 1st - and you know we want pictures!

Kensilo said...

You, BD, and Mini have a blast in Orlando. Keep us updated.