Friday, October 02, 2009


It's sometimes difficult to accept that, in general, life is selfish. I say life because whether you're interacting with folks at work or just chiilin' with your friends some core rules should be observed. Now you're not going to agree with all of them and this is obviously not a complete list, but if you remember these you'll have the framework for success.

1. What's in it for me? That's right, folks will want to know how your new way of handling a project, choice of club or suggested eatery benefits them. Anticipate your suggestions and ideas with a plan of how they benefit those they are being presented to. In the end, it's unlikely that anyone will care how your ideas make YOUR life easier to manage.

2. How does your idea have more value? The green still has an enormous effect on the decisions folks make. In America, money - making and saving it - play a huge part in swaying which direction people will take. Know how your suggestion adds value by showing how your colleagues and friends are getting the best quality for the least money.

3. Even cucumbers can be pickled if they sit long enough. Be slow and steady. Stay firm and cool after you've presented your ideas. Don't hound folks and don't flip-flop about your well-thought out plan. Sounding shifty can sway someone hinging their decision on your confidence and resolve.

Give it a shot. See how these three ideas work for you. There are a million ways to walk, but swagger begins with something as basic as putting one foot in front if the other.

Keep passin' the open windows...

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fuzzy said...

I actually can agree with all three. Anticipation coulda been one of them...

Anonymous said...


do I have any other options?