Friday, October 23, 2009

More to Come; TV News Today

Things aren't always as they appear. As the news breaks revealing facts that didn't seem initially plausible, our sensibility deteriorates. Affairs with God fearing men, murders by mothers, even heads of state being forced to fess-up to marital mayhem. It is now commonplace for many of us to look at newstories with a raised eyebrow. Maybe the question marks were always there. I'm sure society hasn't had a bout of moral decay that has rendered us coniving animals. What has definitely changed is technology. We now can pan to the video feed of Bill leaving Sally's crib or the mobile phone records of Maria calling 911 two days after strangling her kids. Shows like CSI, NCIS and Law and Order are near accurate portrayals of the amazing unraveling precision law enforcement agencies now use to solve crimes. Watching the news is only part one of current events. All newstories should offer-up the disclaimer that there is more to come.

Keep passin' the open windows...

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