Friday, October 09, 2009

Mojo Back? Pres Wins Nobel Prize

On the heels of, what many considered a failed attempt at securing the Olympics for the U.S., President Obama wins the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. What struck me as comical is how various media outlets quickly lined-up their firing squads to criticize how undeserved Pres Obama is of this prestigious honor. It would appear that the divine O - not to be confused with media mogul Ms. O - can't do right by some folks. The reality is that the Nobel Peace Prize solidifies the President's apparent universal charm, respect and golden-boy persona. Say what you will but we now have a President with the Midas touch. His wins far outnumber his loses and whether he's the antonym to the worldwide disdain for Bush or held to a side-by-side comparison with successes of any other historical figure, President Obama is a man to admire, praise and behold with wonder. Congrats to the once underdog to the Presidency who today can celebrate being a stellar father, a revered President, and now, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner...not bad for a guy who many thought had lost his mojo.

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Anonymous said...

Obama never lost his Mojo.

And, I personally would not give Chicago a fucking thing until they sort out the mess with the education system and all of the steet violence.

When children are being beaten to death on the streets of Chicago by OTHER children, not getting the Olympics is the least of Chi-towns problems.