Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Running Your Trap

As i ride the train each morning I realize that I'm increasing my iPod volume to new heights in an effort to drown the chatter out. Now, I like to converse as much as the next guy, but the persistent chatter is irritating - especially when in closed spaces. It then struck me that many of the folks afflicted with Verbal Brake Failure (VBF) are complaining about being single, the disappointment of getting played, the bitch at work that "don't" like them and so on. I wondered if the chatter started because of the issues or were the issues directly related to the consistent running of the mouth. Do some folks talk too f*cking much? Could it be that part of the despair these folks are in can be traced to not knowing how to shut their trap? Well, the jury is still out, but take note, if by 10am you're already on your third 30 minute conversation, you may need to consider that the reason you're having issues with folks at work, school or even your disgruntled partner are a result of running your mouth.

Keep passin' the open windows...

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Ty said...

LOL. So true. It is like when I was at a eatery and this lady is on the phone talking about how ghetto this other lady is and how she needed to "get her hair did". After awhile I turned around and noticed that she should have really been looking in the mirror at herself. Hair looking like something wicked this way came and left and as loud as she was on the phone.... ghetto.

fuzzy said...

You know sometimes you should just shut ya trap! Aint nothin productive worth listening or talkin about anyway!