Thursday, October 08, 2009

Save A Child; Shop Online and are my mainstays. I just don't have the patience and foot arch to shop retail. To make the pot even sweeter, saving more than 30%-70% each visit is an incentive I just can't turn down. I have a pretty colorful personality, but my office and casual attire are very tan and grey. Now I know there's some queen from my earlier club days that's reading this sucking her teeth like she just ate corn, but on the real, those club-wear days are long gone. Replaced by love handles that have love handles, I have learned that certain trends are left to the Desperate Housegays and not a middle-aged man who spends the bulk of his time with white collar America. It's also a great feeling when I sit at my desk with a cup of espresso and page through various websites and not have to interrupt an irritated teenager forcing them to text their BFF how she is fishing a pair of extra large cords from the stock room for an irate former legend-in-his-own-mind. Now, instead of soaking my feet at the end of a long shopping day, I can soak my hands to prepare for that manicure courtesy of that nifty mani-pedi kit I bought online. Yeah, I take the occasional stroll to a retail store every now and again - I mean even an aging kitty needs a scratch post to keep those claws sharp - and when I do it's pure entertainment. The Minnie thanks me for not dragging him from store to store and those kids working retail, well they get to be lazy another day.

Keep passin' the open windows...

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fuzzy said...

I myself am an online shopper. I stick to the and the On occasion

The holiday season is coming up and I'm not feelin crowds. I start my gift shopping once my car is repaired and ready for inspection, prolly around mid november.

Anonymous said...

american eagle has nice sweats.

i hate going shopping, but my kids love the mall