Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NYC Subway; A Disaster In Waiting

More than one hour and twenty five minutes, on what should be a 20 minute ride, I was still trapped underground on NYC,s Subway. I quietly reflected on how one train malfunction or one sick passenger can easily cripple the world's largest train system. It is for this reason - among others - that terrorist and crazies alike target the Big Apple's aging mass transportation system. I have only one wish with regard to this...that my loved ones and I are not on the train when (and I absolutely mean when) the BIG disaster happens. NYC's transit system is ill equipped, poorly run and a sitting duck that WILL suffer many victims when the horror of a real emergency occurs.

Keep passin' the open windows

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Tim said...

And I thought the Chicago Transit Authority was bad. I'll never talk about them again.

And yes, I'm checking out your blog and blogging again.