Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Good Parents vs Gay Parents

When news reports broke that youngsters were accused of gang raping a girl at a high school homecoming game, the newscaster never mentioned if the parents were straight. A young boy set his classmate on fire and still no clue as to whether there were heterosexuals running the show at the alleged attacker's home. All to say that as a society we should care more about how a child is raised than the sexual orientation of the folks raising him or her. I was recently asked about the parenting of our 10-year old and whether I believe he will be affected by having two male parents. The answer is, I hope so. We deliberately teach him to respect others, to celebrate diverse races and cultures and that religion is an individual's belief in a higher power that he has no right to challenge. Our son is encouraged to ask questions, to learn how to be a responsible member of society and yes, we even answer questions about girls and dating. When all parents realize that there isn't a Gay Parents vs Good Parents argument, we can get down to the business of being one society striving to be good parents. It's high time logic kicks in and we all demand we raise kids with respect for their fellow man, a love of life and the ability to appreciate differences. As a parent, the sexual orientation, race or religion of the parents seems a moot point; either you're a good parent or a bad parent.

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Achilles said...

Well said baby! Put all the other unimportant stuff aside; bottom line either you're a good parent or a bad parent. The end!

~Kahlua~ said...

LOVE this post...well said!!!!!!!!!
The Minnie couldn't have two more level-headed, diverse, strong and fair parents if he tried!!! You're both doing a great job! Love you both!!