Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Obama Needs to Do It All - Fast

We handed Bush eight long years and in that time the country's surplus was turned into an enormous deficit, a war began and we were so isolated from the international community it seemed Canada would declare war on the U.S. In 10 months in office Obama has to clean up some really HUGE disasters AND make good on many pressing campaign promises. Yesterday's Dem losses in Jersey and Virginia are seen as his losses; races his mere clout should have carried. Healthcare, gay marriage, Afghanistan - all on his plate. To keep it real, I don't see how anyone would want the thankless job of commander in chief and, short of walking on water, what we expected President Obama to have accomplished in 10 months. I will give him credit for improving our relations abroad and making the healthcare discussion a serious one. For his own sake though, his critics are clamoring he do it all - fast.

Keep passin' the open windows...

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Coy said...

My biggest frustration with all of the "noise" regarding Obama and campaign promises is the expectancy that he, alone, can make these changes. Most Dems are/were onboard from day one but the GOP started out the year with total resistance, FULLSTOP. Bi-partisan governing is difficult if the other half of the "bi" is not willing to participate. Period. I'm not blaming all on the GOP but I am saying that most of the information coming from the Repubs. was what wouldn't work, what they don't like,etc. There wasn't any information regarding HOW they would like to proceed on pressing issues. Just look at the non-action reaction to the stimulus plan. And then they cried "he's not promoting a bi-partisan gov't!"

I truly wish Obama the best. I hope he has the strength and belief to keep pushing for change in the US. I just am not sure 10 mos or even 4 years is enough time.

JB said...

I hate the fact that, they are putting him up against such HIGH expectations that would be impossible to FULLY achieve in such a short amount of time. But he's a trooper though.