Thursday, October 20, 2005

Morning Edition - 10/20/05

Momma I Want To Swim
Lashaun Harris, 23, is being charged with three counts of murder after she allegedly tossed her three children, Trayshaun Harris, 6; Travante Greely, 3; and Joshua Harris, 1, into the San Francisco Bay. To date, only Travante Greely’s body had been recovered from the bay. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said, “I’m sick to my stomach,” before leaving the scene. Lashaun Harris told authorities voices told her to throw her children into the bay. Harris had been staying at a Salvation Army shelter with her three children.

Noah’s Arc; Review
Last night marked the first episode in Logo channel’s new series Noah’s Arc. Most of the actors were exquisitely beautiful - although some of the relationship pairings seemed far-fetched; with buff, strapping Mandingo types sharing long-term commitments with sloppy flamboyant average-folk (Alex and Trey). I know, it sounds superficial. …but let’s get real folks, this is a gay series and we know gay men as a group can be slightly “appearance” conscious. The main character, Noah, is a stereotypical, effeminate type – albeit extremely gorgeous. His friends: the sloppy and over-the-top Alex; the hooker with his own business, Ricky; the professor with the husband and baby, Chance; the Mandingo built like a brick shyt-house, Trey; and the incomparably sexy Wade; ,made up the cast for the first episode. Characters will be added as the series progresses. Admittedly the acting can use some help and I suspect that as the series grows, the acting will loosen-up and take shape. The story lines are slightly unbelievable – although with a cast this HOT, I can see how some issues could creep up. My favorite scene was when Noah meets Wade at his crib for a potential threesome with a very sexy girl. I don’t want to give away any of the story, but suffice to say that the interaction between the flamboyant Noah and the female left me needing a very, very cold shower. As reported yesterday, a repeat of last night’s episode will air on Friday at midnight on Logo. The series is set to air Wednesday’s at 10 p.m., but be sure to check the Logo site for the schedule in your area -

Long Story Short
Carmen C. is having a gathering at her home Saturday at noon. Invitees will be treated to a true-Rican style meal and dessert. I have an odd, but pleasant date of sorts scheduled for Saturday night. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that I don’t have to cook breakfast Sunday morning – wink, wink. Cedric P. is having a birthday dinner in early November with friends – editor not invited, although I was asked to create the invitations (go figure…yeah, it takes balls). Aisha D. had a successful interview for a promotion this morning. Will we be having frequent lunches together? Mario, of ABA customer service fame, got the boot from the association recently. Rumor has it the axe came down over time spent calling-in “slick.” Resident blogger Caspar breastfeeding grown men? What’s really going on?! Slugger suspected of taking items from Frankie’s apartment BEFORE they pull the plug at the hospital? God don’t like ugly girl.

On Blast
As mentioned earlier, I was extremely turned-on by the “potential” threesome scene on last night’s Noah’s Arc. Whether it was the completely jaw-dropping beauty of the cast or the soft sex-appeal of the actors, I was mesmerized and “heated” at watching the interaction between Noah, the female (Terry?) and Wade. What was most surprising was my fascination between Noah and Terry. All this said to ask, have you ever been turned-on, attracted-to or sexually intrigued by someone of the opposite sexual orientation? Notice, I didn’t ask if you’ve been turned on by the opposite sex. This means, if you’re straight, have you been turned on by someone who is gay and if you’re gay, have you been turned-on by someone who is straight? For the bisexual or freaky, respond by addressing an instance when you’ve been turned on by someone you wouldn’t normally be attracted to. Please note that this doesn’t mean you ever acted on it or that your sexuality is coming in to question. If you’re at all embarrassed by the question, please feel free to hit the anonymous button in our comments section prior to posting your comment.

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Anonymous said...

Let's talk about Noah's arc ---
Why does Noah's voice sounds like Michael Jackson? Is he acting or is that really his voice?
Ricky is fine, fine, fine and I like his body much better than Trey's. And maybe it's me since I'm a female and really do not have any knowledge in this area, how realistic is it for Trey and Alex to hook up?

Cocoa Rican said...

I was pissed too that Noah sounded so "sisified" and for the record, it is HIGHLY unlikely for Alex and Trey to be involved in a 7-year relationship - unless Alex underwent some FIERCE accident followed by no activity. All-in-all I'd be a fool for Wade and a threesome with Wade and Noah would have me creating my own episode of 7th Heaven.

Cocoa Rican said...

On the On Blast:
I was involved with women before accepting the fact that I am gay and have felt (on numerous occassions) that I find women attractive. I seldom find women sexually attractive anymore - there are those rare women and rare occassions that are the exception to the rule. I'm still very attracted to slightly thin, well-built, girly-girls that are assertive. Go figure...
I did have one girlfriend (post my coming out stage) who was okay with my involvement with men and we had a very interesting and eventful sexual experience. So the answer is yes. For me attraction is not a matter of orientation alone.

petite morceau said...

I have been attracted to several gay men. It may be cliche to say "the good ones are either married or gay" but it is so true LOL.

I would like to note that I find watching two gay men, in any form of sexual activity, a complete turn-on. Two favorite cable shows of mine were OZ on HBO and Queer as Folk on Showtime!

caspar608 said...

I was totally in love with Rupert Everett, prior to his attempt to look like the Wildenstein lady (go to Think Tony Braxtons "hoooow many ways I'd do youuuuuu, let me count the waaayyys". One of my bosses here is a gay man who had my inner thighs on fire every time I looked in his face (crystal blue eyes and the body of Adonis to boot). Who cares what a persons sexual orientation is - sexy is as sexy does.

caspar608 said...

stay on the scene like a sex machine and all that