Thursday, October 27, 2005

Morning Edition - 10/27/05

You Know What?! Forget it!
Harriet Miers, nominated by President Bush for the Supreme Court to replace outgoing justice Sandra O’Connor withdrew her nomination today. Miers was said to have had close ties to Bush – always in-step and in agreement with the Pres. Unfortunately, no one could figure out what Miers’ views were on any of the important issues – abortion, gay marriage, etc. Strangely, her choice to withdraw comes on the heels of the Senate’s announcement that they would seek documents from the White House that would clarify her views and help shed light on the Pres.’ choice to nominate her. Still on the list as a possible nominee for the Supreme Court is Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Yeah Bush, how about a Latino nominee for the bench this time around?

Neverland will be Never-His; Beat it
Michael Jackson has reportedly placed Neverland ranch in Los Olivos, California, up for sale. Fox News reports Jackson has missed payroll dates and his ranch has seen many staff departures. At least six staffers have left to date. Jackson is presently living in Bahrain and travels to London periodically.

Noah’s Arc
Many of you tuned-in, with me, to watch the first three episodes of Noah’s Arc last night on Logo. Noah, Wade, Alex, Trey, Chance, Eddie, Ricky and the rest of the cast did a job at solidifying and dispelling many myths about gay men in general. First, I’ll admit that Noah – the pivotal character who is the namesake of the show – needs some acting lessons, but it doesn’t take away from how fun to watch the series is. The new episode, which aired at 10 p.m., held some pretty touching, yet hysterical storylines. First, Wade shows his jealousy of the hands-on relationship shared by Noah and Ricky. As it turns out, Ricky and Noah never actually engaged in any hanky-panky thanks to a premature “skeet” on Noah’s part. We also discovered that Chance’s man, Eddie, has been cheating – while Chance baby-sits his daughter, no less! Chance took care of the problem and I especially love the “We need to talk,” following running your mini-van through someone’s living room! Alex is getting tired of having to get “freaky” with his long-time partner Trey. Trey has taken a liking to toys, leaving Alex to experiment much more than he cares for. Our next installment of Noah’s Arc is Wednesday, November 2, beginning at 9:30 p.m. Having trouble remembering who is who by name, then check out

On Blast
You be the judge… Noah’s Arc explores gay men of color and gives a glimpse into different personality types within our community. Now I want to hear what you thought…

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest) How would you rate the entertainment quality (funny, dramatic, insightful) of the show?

Who is your favorite character? Why?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


petite morceau said...

I would give the show a 5! I loved it. It was very funny and sweet at times. I was reminded of my favorite show "Sex in the City" on HBO - similar scenarios.

So far, my favorite character as a whole is Noah himself. He is sweet and young and therefore the least neurotic lol. He has a beautiful face and a gentle soul. After Noah, I'd have to say I like Ricky because he is so in-your-face, though he is a bit of a ho, lol but at least he's honest about it (just like my favorite character in Sex in the City, Samantha).

The entire show is just a visual splendor - he, he, he - even for a straight woman...or should I say "especially" for a straight woman. :))))

petite morceau said...

I'd also like to comment on the Miers thing - WooHoooooo! Yes! :)

donya said...

Okay I don't have cable like you rich folks but I did watch a clip on the website. Although I can not rate the show from the clip I hope the acting gets better and why does noah sound like Michael Jackson.

Cocoa Rican said...

Petite... I think you meant you rate the show a 1? ...or should I say, I hope you meant you rate the show a 1. Donya...the funny thing is Noah's character will fall in and out of that high-pitched voice depending on the scene - anyone else catch that? I do prefer Noah when he's not MJ'ing it!

Cocoa Rican said...

NA is a 1 for me! Love the fact that we finally have gay characters of color in a show and that we're not skimping on showing them be affectionate and real. True the acting can use some help, but I'm sure it will improve.

My favorite character is WADE. Wade, Wade, Wade, Wade... what can I say? He's everything I love in a man - attractive, sexy, smart, masculine and slightly difficult. Go figure. Like Ricky said last night - "I like a challenge."