Monday, October 24, 2005

Morning Edition - 10/24/05

The Sunshine State Now The Hurricane State?
Wilma officially struck Florida this morning, making it the 12th hurricane to hit US shores this year. Winds were said to be in the 125 mph range. Hundreds of thousands of folks in the Key West and Miami area are said to be without power and already one death in Florida is being blamed on the storm. Forecasters say Wilma is now a category 3 hurricane.

Putting PMS To Rest
A study in the Obstetrics and Gynecology journal reported that diet plays a vital role in reducing the mood wings, bloating, breast tenderness and blemishes that occur right before menstruation. Apparently the reason behind these uncomfortable symptoms is an imbalance in your body’s hormones; there is too much estrogen compared to the progesterone in the system. It is now believed that by eating a low-fat, vegetarian diet that includes legumes and whole grains you can increase the sex hormone-binding globulin in the blood which will keep hormones in check. At the very least women are encouraged to eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds – easy on the nuts though…. Just kidding.

Karate Chop To the Population
Dai Zhicheng, director of the Chinese Health Ministry’s Committee of AIDS Experts says China can reach an estimated 10 million AIDS cases if the disease is not seriously addressed in the near future. China has a population of 1.3 billion. China officially says it presently has 840,000 HIV/AIDS cases, but insiders say the number is grossly underestimated. China is now pouring millions of dollars into campaigns to inform the public, but the difficulty in finding work in the country have led to an increase in drug abuse and prostitution.

Cruising and the Down Low
As discussed in earlier blog posts, the Down Low is NOT a new thing; although many in the media would have you believe it is. What is amazing is the number of arrests that have taken place recently in what’s known as “cruising” in public places. That is, some down low men will gather in public bathrooms, gym locker rooms, even train station waiting areas to meet other men. Police even reported one man as specifically asking, “How long will I be detained? I have to pick up my daughter from school.” Cruising, like the down low, is not a new occurrence, but the increased arrests and the ever-more-clever gathering places begs the question – Is it easier to just come clean with your interests?

Long Story Short
Carmen C. held a banging gathering at her home Saturday. A small group of us – well, not so small when you consider Carmen was dishing out some pretty flavorful treats – gathered at her home just outside the city limits here in NYC. The mouth-watering teasers included everything from a hardy cheese dip to caramelized scallops. The grade-A chef even threw-down some pernil, pastelillos and even a personalized candle to take home while you luxuriate and massage your full stomach. Carmen also showed off her trick pelvis while breaking down some light-footed salsa moves. All-in-all, the festivities were a HUGE success. Thanks for the invite Carmen! James, oh James!?! Thanks for closing out my Saturday night with a BANG. By the way, my lower back is blown-out and it’s taking me a few minutes to stabilize myself before standing – hope that wasn’t your goal. …wink, wink. Frankie H.’s funeral arrangements are still in the works and a Friday service date is expected – I’ll keep folks posted. Late tonight and tomorrow there will be reruns of the first episode of Noah’s Arc on the Logo Channel – please check your local listings. The second episode of NA will air on Wednesday night. A few invites have been sent to me for Halloween – J’Moo are you joining me for anything this year?!

On Blast
How long is too long? This weekend I came across two beautiful ladies who hadn’t been in a serious relationship in years. How long is too long? Can waiting for the perfect man lead to a waste of prime dating years? What can they do to attract the right kind of man?

Keep passin’ the open windows…



Coco, I had a blast with you on Saturday. You always keep me smiling. As for your on blast's not that I am waiting for Mr. Right it's just that I really don't meet great guys and what I mean by that is that I must have a sign that reads "Not Interested" because I am hardly ever hit on. I know it has to do with my strong exterior but damn what do I have to do to get a guy to see past that and see the real me. I am interested in a guy who will say WOW she is a strong woman but "I can handle that" not someone that looks at me at says "Wow she is too much for me" I don't want a sucker I want a good, strong man that is confident in who he is. I just haven't meet one of those men as of yet. SO yes! Can someone share some light on what I need to do please let me know because it's been too long "ENOUGH ALREADY" I want a family and I really don't want to just settle for just anyone to get a family and want the whole package is there anything wrong with that?

caspar608 said...

Men like softness. I think if you show them how soft you are at first (because you ARE a softee freaking rican)then hit em with the hardness later (if they fall out of line and act stupid) then you may have a different outcome.
Sometimes we are so afraid of being hurt or rejected that we take a defensive position when it comes to meeting people.
Go to church - men do go to church -, get out there as much as possible. be open to all kinds of people. Keep your head up and let that light out. feel good about yourself, don't rush yourself. breathe deeply, take yoga. Get in touch with who your really ARE. Reverse the strategy Freaking Rican. We ALL know you are a strong woman. Most men want to see the softer side first. Its less intimidating to them. Thats just my opinion.

donya said...

Caspar I love your answer but it seems to lead to another question. Why should we have to act one way until they get to know us and then be the other way?

caspar608 said...

I believe that sometimes it's ok to be open and hopeful until your instinct tells you that you are dealing with a LOSER.
Its ok to be both. We ALL have a good side and a bad side. But if we start off on the defensive we may not experience all that life has to offer us.
Its ok to be pleasant and positive in the beginning...when the person on the receiving end behaves like an ass, then they can receive your ass to kiss. Thats my philosophy...

Cocoa Rican said...

As a strong man who likes dating strong men, it can get tricky finding the right person to date. Personally I think it boils down to a few key factors. First, you’re assertive, you’re strong, you’re self-sufficient – now where the f*ck has being an aggressive overbearing b*tch gotten you? ….exactly! Keep it light. It’s hard at first, but the truth is if you smile, inject a healthy and appropriate sense of humor, while appearing receptive, you’re bound to achieve your goal of getting to second base in dating. Yes, men love a strong woman, just not a woman that wants to be his mom, teacher, therapist and girlfriend all at once. Stop trying to dominate – men have an overwhelming desire to feel needed. If you don’t “need” him for anything, why should he stick around? Hit the gym, go to the grocery store in something simple and pretty and yes – like Caspar said – hit church on Sunday (stay away from the choir though…) Learn to smile more and even take time to look in the mirror and practice that smile. You can even practice your alluring, sweet and flirtatious faces in the mirror while you’re at it. Yes, it seems crazy, but some of us (me included) tend to frown or look too serious when we’re not in more relaxed situations. We have to know what our faces feel like and look like when we consciously smile. When having large group discussions that include men you’re interested in, agree on points they make and mention how clever some of their ideas are – men loved being buttered up. This doesn’t mean you compromise your intelligence or strength – you simply appreciate the beauty, strength and brains in others. Also, the same applies to the men you meet… if you have to pick through a bunch of issues to see the true sweetheart he is, move on.

caspar608 said...

well put cocoa. well put indeed. We live in such a cynical world FR. Sometimes we have to BE two different people to survive - and a lot of that comes from the environment in which we were raised. Lighten up. Put a smile on that beautiful face. Practice smiling in the mirror. Remember that song we used to sing as kids "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...." Let is shine girl. And don't be so afraid of feeling! Fear causes us to scowl at the world. Listen to India Irie sing "Im Ready for Love"

caspar608 said...

You have nothing to prove to anyone. True strength comes across naturally. You don't have to arm wrestle or curse someone out for them to know that you are a force to be reckoned with.