Thursday, December 29, 2005

Morning Edition - 12/29/05

Shake It Off
Even with Mary J. Blige’s best CD sales week of her career (727,000 copies of Breakthrough in one week) she could not top the success of Mariah Carey in 2005. Carey has the number one selling CD of 2005 with the Emancipation of Mimi. The chart-topper sold more than 4.87 million units this year – even beating out runner-up 50 Cent, who sold 4.83 million units of his sophomore CD, Massacre. EMI, who bought-out Mariah Carey’s $80 million contract in 2002 for a hefty $30 million, must be licking their wounds at the announcement of her record-breaking year.

Speaking Your Mind – To Yourself?
A study showed that many dreams can be easily interpreted and have been linked to repressed areas of your personality. For example, a recent dream where I murdered a friend was interpreted as my “id” or animal instinct translating aggression that could not be expressed in daily life through my dreams. Now, had I dreamed of killing a stranger the dream meaning would have been interpreted slightly different to reflect my own need to kill-off a facet of my personality that I feel is embarrassing, self-destructive or shameful to me. The list of possible dreams and interpretations is, of course, endless. As it turns out some of our dreams are not as monstrous or horrific as we think, they’re simply a way of speaking your unconscious mind.

Under-under Age Drinking
Juan Reyes was baby sitting a two year old and a three year old child for his housemates who were off birthing baby number three, when police investigators, tipped by neighbors, woke Reyes from his alcohol-induced sleep. Reyes was tested and found to be drunk, but more surprisingly the 2-year old in his care was given a blood alcohol test and was also intoxicated. Reyes now faces child endangerment charges.

Noah’s Arc; Season One DVD
Noah’s Arc finished its first season of eight episodes and is being touted as one of the most successful shows on cable today. The first season will be available for purchase on DVD before February 2006. This is a must-have. Insiders are predicting Season 2 will begin sometime in the spring. Stay tuned.

On Blast
Name one person/thing that you will leave in 2005 that you wish you could take into 2006?

Keep passin’ the open windows…


Tammy said...

my age...i wish i could take my age. for some damn reason i keep gittin older.

Anonymous said...

candy(favorites-dots & circus peanuts)....i'm addicted, gotta stop...i'm so sad!!!


KahluaLoverInVa said...

My daddy...he left ME in 2005 but I sure wish I could take him with me into 2006...~~shannon~~

petite morceau said...

I can't think of anything I'd like to take with me.

HOWEVER, these are some of the things I'd like to definitely leave behind with 2005:

- The War in Iraq
- All reality TV shows
- The hoochie mama outfits young
girls wear nowadays
- The thug look for boys
- The words bitch, biatch, ho, pimp, pimping, etc.

Anonymous said...

My Auntie Verl', because I know it would bring happiness and joy to my mother. Losing her twin sister as forever broken her heart.


caspar608 said...

My 38 D titties...soon as I start dropping all of this weight I've been carrying like luggage I know the titties will be the first to go.

As with petite I would like to leave behind the following....
1)the drama (mine and e'ryone else's (I don't want to hear nothin but good news - unless you need my help with something and it wasn't a situation you brought on yourself due to idiodicy)
2)the guilt
3)the shame
4)the tears
5)the denials
6)the self loathing
7)the fried chicken

Peace and goodwill to all bloggers. Even the ones who dream about killing me.
: )

caspar608 said...

that 2 year old must have been a sight to behold....

Cocoa Rican said...

Caspar honey... you weren't the object of my dream... Lord, the night that happens I'll see a shrink, not a dream interpreter!

I would want to bring my new-found lease on life to 2006. I've learned to be open and enjoy folks more; drop the zeros when necessary - no hard feelings left behind either!; accept my new size and learn that although it can all be better, it's not bad now; and to see things for what they are, rather than what I'd like them to be. All said, 2006 promises to be a great year!